Zhou Dinggang, deputy of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress: Seek development with innovation

Zhou Dinggang (right) instructs workers to produce caihong electric blanket, caihong insecticide and mosquito coil incense in the workshop. Many people are familiar with the products in daily life.From an old factory building in 1998 to two factories now, Chengdu Caihong Electrical appliance (Group) Central South Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid growth by leaps and bounds in more than 20 years.In recent years, the company took advantage of the opportunity to transform, embarked on the road of scientific and technological innovation, won the “High-tech enterprise in Hubei Province” and other honorary titles.All of these are inseparable from the hard work of Zhou Dinggang, deputy general manager of Chengdu Caihong Electric Appliance (Group) Central South Co., LTD., a deputy of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress.Zhou Dinggang has been working at Chengdu Caihong Electrical Appliance (Group) Central South Co., LTD for 19 years.In the past 19 years, he never slack off, adhere to innovation, from an ordinary employee gradually stepped into the company’s management position.”I just want to provide more and better products to the people through technological innovation.”Referring to the original intention of constantly leading the company’s team to update products, Zhou Dinggang said.Over the years, he led the r&d staff of the company to obtain 15 utility model patents authorization, 23 invention patents, 5 high-tech products approved, and completed more than 20 new product development and technological transformation projects, creating economic benefits of more than 80 million yuan for the company.With the unremitting efforts of Zhou Dinggang and the r&d staff of the company, “Caihong” brand electric blanket has won the title of “Hubei Famous Brand products”, mosquito coil incense and aerosol products have won the Certification of China environmental labeling products.In order to continuously promote technological innovation, Zhou dinggang also vigorously promoted the cooperation between the company and research institutes.Under his promotion, the company established academician expert workstation in the research and development center jointly with universities in Hubei Province, accelerating the pace of product research and development and industrial structure upgrading.”I’m an entrepreneur and a Communist party member. When I’m needed, I have to step up.”In 2020, facing the severe challenge of COVID-19, Zhou Dinggang immediately organized the company to send supplies to the front line.Under his leadership, the company delivered electric blankets, donated masks and other epidemic prevention materials to the frontline, and donated 300,000 yuan to the Wuxue municipal government.In the targeted poverty alleviation work, Zhou Dinggang took the lead, led the party members of the branch to visit and investigate, and completed the planning and implementation of 8 industrial poverty alleviation workshops in a short period of time.These workshops have employed more than 100 people, enabling poor villagers to get a job at their doorstep.”During the planning and implementation of the workshop, we also encountered some twists and turns and difficulties.However, we feel a sense of achievement that we are able to contribute to the beautiful countryside.”Recalling the scene of the survey, Zhou Dinggang said.Since being elected as a deputy to the People’s Congress of Hubei Province, Zhou Dinggang has participated in many related activities held by the Procuratorate of Wuxue City.”For example, I have attended the procuratorial open days, public hearings, and discussions on opinions and suggestions.In the process, I learned more about prosecution work.Zhou Dinggang said.As a representative of the business community, Zhou Dinggang has been paying close attention to issues related to optimizing the business environment.”The law-based business environment is an important guarantee to promote the high-quality development of Wuxue economy.In recent years, I have personally felt the changes in the business environment.The procuratorial organs have taken many solid measures to ensure the development of private enterprises, which has boosted their confidence in the development of private enterprises.”Talking about the next step, Zhou Dinggang hoped that the Procuratorate of Wuxue City would continue to base itself on the procuratorial function, and improve the legal awareness and legal literacy of enterprise managers and employees by actively carrying out the activity of “sending law into enterprises”, so as to help enterprises to “drive safely” on the track of legal compliance.At the same time, we will further strengthen legal oversight, provide equal protection to the property rights of enterprises and the personal rights of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, deepen the review of pending cases involving private enterprises and the review and oversight of complaints and appeals involving non-public economy, and strive to create a law-based business environment to serve and ensure the healthy development of the private economy.Source: Procuratorial Daily author: Dai Xiaowei Zhong Yu

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