2021 Nanyang Honest Management Insurance Company Tour

2021 Nanyang Honest Operation Insurance Company Tour · China Life Nanyang Branch:To carry forward the action of “honesty, honesty and gratitude to become” integrity cultural concept Of China Life Nanyang branch Party secretary, general manager Chen Feng party of the 19th National Congress of the Report, to “promote the integrity of the construction and voluntary service institutionalization, strengthen the sense of social responsibility, rules of consciousness, dedication consciousness”.Good faith is an important part of the socialist core values, and the building of good faith is an important cornerstone of the modernization of China’s governance system and capacity.Honesty is not only the foundation of insurance industry development, but also the core of insurance enterprise culture construction.China Life Nanyang branch will always be honest construction as an important work unremitting.Since 2008, the company in accordance with requirements of the parent company, continue to carry out the subject of “integrity first” I honesty culture construction activities, in the industry take the good faith construction, after more than ten years of continuous efforts, has been preliminary build up sales personnel, branches, consumers “the trinity” the good faith construction framework,Solidified a integrity oath, a integrity wall, a integrity song, five minutes a day, one year one examination, one year one commendation, a code of Conduct, integrity propaganda four into a variety of integrity education work mode, basically formed its own characteristics of “honesty, trustworthy, Thanksgiving, cheng” integrity cultural concept.In 2021, China Life Nanyang Branch always regards integrity construction as a major event of unit construction. The operation Service Department of the company made the courseware of integrity and Compliance Education and Training for Salesmen of China Life Insurance Co., LTD. Nanyang Branch, which covers the requirements of regulatory system and typical negative cases.By the risk management department to make the “China life insurance co., LTD., nanyang branch employees illegal indiscipline processing regulations training courseware, training in the system in the city, the cadres and workers of credit deficiency has serious, take the interview, shall be ordered to make correction and criticized, for alleged violations of discipline, shall be investigated for responsibility according to the rules’ serious.In 2021, the total premium income of Nanyang Branch of China Life Insurance was 2.5 billion yuan, and the total compensation amount was 269 million yuan with 105,700 cases.In 2021, the company’s average claim validity is 1.1 days, and that of small cases is 0.2 days, 75% faster than that of the previous year, ranking in the forefront of the industry, winning the trust of the majority of customers, and being awarded “Lixin Model Unit” by the National Enterprise credit Investigation system.Nanyang Industry Association, consumer association, Nanyang press media group and other government and media organizations for many years as “quality service window”, “consumer trust demonstration unit”, “model unit”, “advanced unit”, “Nanyang integrity management insurance company”.The construction of good faith is a process to promote the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization.The company secretary of the party committee, general manager, Mr Chen said China life nanyang branch will study further implement the party’s nineteenth spirit spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, with all its strength “take the customer as the center, large service for support, digital features” of the management system, continuously meet the people increasingly diversified, multi-level insurance demand,To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make due contributions to the construction of Nanyang sub-central city in Henan Province to provide strong support, with high-quality development of the new performance to meet the party’s 20th victory held!Cao Lifeng, Jin Wenfan, Wang Yaohui) Editor: Yu Ming Review: Li Ping Final review: Bai Banxue

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