Protecting health means protecting family reunion

During the Spring Festival holiday, Ma Qiaoling, a doctor in the proctology department of Xi ‘an Daxing Hospital, stuck to her post in the outpatient department. She said: “To protect health is to protect the faith in your heart, but also to protect the reunion of all families!”Proctology doctor Zhao Shen lives in Xianyang, about 20 kilometers away, but it has been several months since he was last reunited with his family.The emergency department came to a septuagenarian grandfather who accidentally swallowed date nuclei and incarcerated anus. Zhao Shen helped patients remove date nuclei with skilled skills, and grandpa also had a safe reunion night.Anorectal post Strong Ling doctor stick to the post, intimate for each patient dressing, gently dressing let her have a lot of patients “fans”.The patient said: “dressing room has post doctor in, we feel at ease!”In addition to the doctor’s persistence, the department is not without the persistence of nurses.During the Spring Festival, Nurse Zhang Huan, Nurse Suo Miaomiao, nurse Gao Ge and other careful and serious to do everything, know that hospitalized patients can not be reunited with their families regret, so they treat each patient with the warmth of family.Liu Lijun, a doctor from Karamay, Xinjiang province, is studying in the Proctology Department of Daxing Hospital. During the Spring Festival, he voluntarily stayed in Xi ‘an and had an online reunion of 2,855 kilometers, turning his family’s concern into warmth for his patients.Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Wang Chao

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