Take a look at the counter-attack of students with poor grades @ at the beginning, the momentum is not very good, there is still a distance from Wuhan 4th tone

It’s the second day of school, and it feels like my child is still a little careless, or at least a little careless in his mouth.Today took an examination of English, did not take an examination of hearing, the child deducted 16 points, as far as I know, a lot of children, deducted points not more than 10 points, so say, this result, let head big.I said a few words to him, but he didn’t care.However, the English teacher to his evaluation is that the potential has not been tapped, there are still strong.I believe, the teacher of a word, top ans say ten thousand ah.In today’s QQ group, there is no criticism from children, which is also a good thing.He said, he did not take out the specific review of the plan, the an is too lazy to cross-examine, in the end is true or false, anyway, there are teachers clean up him.These days, there is more and more information about the consultation after the Wuhan yuan Adjustment.Wu Gang 3 in the examination consultation also began.The admission office leaders of Wuhan Iron and Steel No. 3 Middle School can receive parents from around 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the day after tomorrow.Provincial LABS require students to submit information that may be more complete.Grade 8 since the monthly exam, midterm exam, final exam, January test results, and exam papers, ranking screenshots what.The practice of provincial experiment is also very clear.Only in this way can the university judge whether you have the ability to meet their admission level.There is a rumor in the workshop, a better class type of China division, the best score reached 470+, much higher than last year.My son couldn’t imagine it.Fruit Lake High School, will begin to add east Lake high-tech Zone (420+) and Qingshan district identification.Yucai high school’s signing, yuan tune results almost all want A+, eight, nine on two results will also make appropriate reference.This time, the exam time of the fourth tone is also set.April 20th, April 21st.According to parents, the fourth shift seems a week later than last year.On the surface, it seems that the yuan is more important to sign a contract, but now there is no score, how to sign a contract, is a troublesome thing.At the same time, but also the eighth grade and the ninth grade of each test results, but also need the school to provide, otherwise, the ans simply do not take out.Although said, the parent group is eager voice, but, an from the child’s body, it seems that can not see what movement.He always has an air of indifference.Say what you will, but he will do nothing.I don’t even know now how to judge what he says, what’s true and what’s not.Or, I’m too lazy to care.Starting this semester, schools will have a day of classes on Saturday.This is good, save our ears noisy dead ah.

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