Do a good job of prevention and control, peace of mind shopping!

At the entrance of the Tazhigu food market, shoppers wore masks and showed their health codes under the guidance of the staff.”Please wear a mask, one meter apart, complete the temperature measurement, scan the code after entering.”The “place code” display rack and temperature measuring equipment placed at the entrance are guarded by special personnel. The public shall strictly scan the code before entering the market.According to the person in charge of the market, during the Spring Festival, the da Zhi Gu food market to strengthen the epidemic prevention supervision of merchants, merchants every day consciously temperature, wear masks, and do a good job of health registration.In addition, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in vegetable markets has been increased daily, and various epidemic prevention and control measures have been implemented in detail.When entering the market, the stalls of vegetables, fruits, poultry and eggs were neatly arranged and plentiful, and the prices of common vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and potatoes were stable.Market aquatic products, beef and mutton as well as grain and oil non-staple food reserves.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the region’s 22 standardized vegetable markets are normal business, smooth channels of purchase, stable prices.All vegetable markets are committed to regular epidemic prevention and control and health monitoring of their employees.Staff and customers strictly implement the “three-piece package” of epidemic prevention and control, and implement measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning and code checking.At the same time, the district Commerce Bureau also placed online orders through Wumart Group multi-point shopping malls and delivered daily necessities orders to temporary delivery points in the community, making every effort to create a safe, reassuring and convenient shopping environment for citizens.Source: Jinchuang Hedong wechat official account

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