Inherit “good family tradition”, make the Spring Festival more flavor

On January 26, southern Metropolis Daily and N Video opened their “good Family Style photo studio” on the 4th floor of Zhengjia Square in Tianhe District, Guangzhou.Two to three photographers participate daily, and 15 to 20 families can be served free of charge throughout the day.At the same time, In order to encourage the inheritance of family traditions, Nandu and N Video launched the “A Letter to Pass family Traditions” family letter video solicitation activity during the Spring Festival of 2022.The event was launched on N video client on January 25.Mr. Yeung, his parents, wife and children came to the scene to take a family photo.”Loyal and honest family long, long poetry and books.”Home is the eternal harbor, family tradition is the inheritance of love.The Spring Festival is the most important and solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. During the Spring Festival, people who have traveled abroad return home and have family reunions. It is a wonderful time for family members to get together and share the family tradition, as well as a good opportunity for family traditions to be passed on.”Good family style photo studio” “a letter from home to family style” make the background color of the civilized Chinese New Year more thick.When people dress up to take pictures and write letters to their families, they naturally reflect on their family traditions for the year and set new goals for the construction of family traditions for the New Year.Therefore, the public to Mr. A family of four to shoot the family photo, he said, shooting the family photo, a sense of ceremony is better, more can reflect the sense of reunion of a family, there is a sense of happiness and happiness, more beneficial to the growth of children.Aunt Xiong, who is in her 70s, made an appointment on the N video App with her son’s help and brought two sets of costumes and props to the studio to take artistic photos.Xiong’s wife said that taking part in the family Style photo studio reminded her of her youth and made her cherish her happy life more.Home is the smallest country, the country is ten million.Although the size of today’s families has changed dramatically, the content of family traditions can also be adjusted dynamically with the development of The Times.However, no matter how changes, family tradition is always the foundation of people’s moral integrity, but also the “ballast stone” of social development.Regular folk customs chun, folk customs chun is an.During the Spring Festival, the promotion of virtue and family tradition not only enrich the “civilization symbol”, but also make the “consumption symbol” more distinct.For example, in the “N-star people flash mob” activities launched by N Video, “N-Star people” closely interacted with citizens through street dance performances, fluorescent group photos and other flash mob activities, which also contributed to the creation of “Guangzhou Night” night consumption festival.N Man in space suit.”Discipline makes a home peaceful;Living in the countryside is harmonious.”Good family style, will affect a family, an individual, but also can clean wind li De, chun weathering vulgar.Continuous innovation of family style construction forms, so that good family style with temperature and strength, blowing farther and wider places, can let more hearts harvest the nourishment of good family style, become a good gift to the family, to the society.On start-up construction in recent years, guangzhou has formed the co-construction and sharing and create a new situation, a year of “start-up good family precepts good family education demonstration community” series of theme activities, 5 – June each year Dan tutor subject awareness month, every year the “civilized family” most beautiful family “” scholarly family” “most beautiful family” charity activities, create civilization construction of family “brand of guangzhou”,Many touching stories of happy, warm, positive and inspiring families have become emotional forces that nourish the hearts of Guangzhou citizens and promote society and beauty.This year guangzhou “two sessions”, the municipal government work report pointed out that the correct grasp and handle the “old city” and “new vitality” of the relationship, ceasing blood, keep innovation, let the old city thick deposits in the new era bloom new vitality.Further activate and enrich the city spirit, cultural context, characteristic culture, urban civilization and other cultural elements.This has pointed out the direction for the innovation of family civilization construction.It is believed that in the New Year, the construction of family civilization will certainly help Guangzhou to make more achievements in the aspects of comprehensive urban function, comprehensive strength of urban culture, modern service industry and modern and international business environment.- Ding Shenyi

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