Lovely baby suddenly entrap people to eat more often cry, is a good thing, 1 year old before the 5 surge period to seize

For parents, babies are the world’s most difficult encyclopaedia. Babies who once slept perfectly can suddenly change their moods and go from being a good baby to a bad one.The second baby of the sister-in-law’s family was more than seven months old. From birth to now, this kind of repeated leap from cute to wrong has gone through almost three times, and each time I did not know what was wrong. Later I realized that she was in a period of rapid growth.What is baby boom?Surge period is a normal stage in the baby’s growth and development process, in this period, the baby’s height and weight will increase rapidly.In general, there are five periods of growth before a baby reaches its first birthday: 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months after birth.At this stage, parents will find that the children will become very angry, crying and even night woke up several times, because of the sudden changes in the child, parents will be anxious, actually to skyrocket parents need not worry completely, this is a good thing, is the child grow the inevitable stage, and the duration of the soaring period is very short, usually only 4 to 7 days, after this stage, such asThe child will instantly revert to his former state.Surge characteristics because of the inability to speak, do not understand accurate expression, coupled with the similarity of many situations on the baby, many parents can not accurately judge whether the phenomenon on the child is in the surge or other problems.In fact, the method of judging the surge period is very simple, children at this stage will have these three very significant characteristics: 1, eat more children in the surge period will be different from the naked eye, that is easy to hungry, eat more.This is because people gain weight and height quickly during a boom, and they starve faster and eat more in order to provide energy.There are two different directions of sleep pattern change during periods of surge. One is that babies who normally sleep through the night wake up hungry, and the other is that babies sleep longer during periods of surge.3, crying, irritable growing fast will cause different body reactions and hormone secretion, for this “uncomfortable” baby will cry to express their emotions, and the bigger baby will become irritable difficult to coathe.1, adjust the mentality of the original clever child suddenly wrong, parents will be very anxious, long time patience is less, but also likely to lose his temper for the child.So in the face of suddenly deceiving children, it is very important to find the reason.Because you know why your child is doing this, you can largely understand what your child is doing and adjust your attitude.2, feed the child hungry fast in the surge, the mother will feed the baby more, if the child has added complementary food, give the baby extra meals, is bound to let the baby eat full.3, sleep enough to eat, sleep enough children can grow fast, in the surge to ensure that the child’s sleep is also very necessary, it is best to help the baby to create a suitable sleep environment, sleep in time.4, more comfort children in the surge will be very angry crying, then the fierce child will only make the child more insecure, the more appropriate way is to hold, more comfort, let the child through this stage.So if your baby is suddenly acting like a jerk and eating a lot, consider whether it’s a surge. If so, that’s a good thing, and getting through it will only make the baby healthier.​

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