The biggest highlights of the 2022 Gala

Having watched the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, I feel much gratified and much regretful.I’m glad that the aesthetic orientation has finally returned to normal, with fewer Internet celebrities, traffic stars and sissy.More of my great Chinese traditional culture.In particular, “Creative music, dance, poetry and painting” Memories of The South, “and” The Only Green dance drama “excerpts.”Two programs let the audience appreciate tang poetry and Song ci and green landscape painting.The beauty and elegance of the mood.Let us deeply feel the broad and profound traditional culture and let us regain cultural confidence.Creative music, dance, poetry and painting “Memory of Jiangnan” opens with “Living in Fuchun Mountain”, which ranks first among the top ten Chinese paintings, bringing the audience into the beautiful scenery of Fuchun Mountain.Mountains are craggy with lush trees.Village, pavilions looming forest, mountain waterfall straight down, river pingsha fall goose, fishing boat sing late.The actors strolled in the mountains or went boating on the river.And sing some tang and Song poems. It’s so beautiful.The poems sung in the program are as follows: “Fuchun” (Tang · Wu Rong) There are mountains as well as water in the world.Changchuan is not spring to green, qianfeng reflection falls in the meantime.The Woodcutter (Tang Cui Tu), a retired worker at a leisure, was working at a hedge.Shunning the world too shallow, meet people said thin surname.Sometimes drunk alone, where to hide the balance leaf.Don’t look at the end of the game, the wind stay late.”Magpie Bridge fairy · pole fengyue” (Song · Lu You) a pole fengyue, an alpine rain, home in the west of the fishing platform.Sell fish for fear of close to the city gate, condition willing to, the depths of the world of mortals.1, Tide physiology, tide level cable, tide off song.When people wrong than yan Guang, I am, unknown fishing father.”Line xiangzi · seven li Seto” (Song · Su Shi) a leaf boat light, double paddle Hong jing.Water day clear, shadow Zhanbo ping.Fish turn algae, heron smoke ting.Cross shaxi nasty, frost creek cold, moon Creek Ming.Heavy like a picture, such as screen.Calculate that year, xu Old Yan Ling.A dream, now ancient empty name.But the distant mountain is long, the cloud mountain is disorderly, the xiao Shan is green.”Fishing platform” (Zhou Xun, Yuan Dynasty) Tongjiang River, a trace of wind.Sheep sit dangerous stone, light snow cold empty.The former occupant of the dragon suddenly phase recall, levy from the final words remonstrated duty.Night startle moves ziwei wall, xiao see cloud cui Luo wall.Vibration clothing independent Fuchun Mountain, fish and birds also know things idle.Qingfeng high yuntai table, the remains of the mountain ice.Excerpts from dance poetry drama “Only This Green”.Cut from the Song Dynasty green landscape painting “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains” and this painting as the background to create dance.The painting was painted by Wang Ximeng, a song Dynasty painter.The pigments used in “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” (sapphire, sapphire) have not faded after thousands of years.The painting is now in the Palace Museum.The program takes dancing as its vocabulary and poetic expression to create a realm of “silence wins voice”, allowing the audience to wander in the picture scroll full of aesthetic interest of song Dynasty.The costumes of the actors are mainly turquoise in the painting, with thin bodies, long sleeves and high buns.The unique image of song Dynasty aesthetics in the painting is presented in the theater and on the stage.For the audience to show a classical aesthetic visual feast.The drama not only inherits the traditional culture, but also integrates modern elements. With the image-style creation technique and the director’s unique choreography, the audience can feel the charm and power of Chinese culture in the process of imsubtly, and wake up our deep sense of ritual, identity and mission.Both shows embody the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture, which is a good guide. If it can be promoted, traditional culture will be revitalized and Oriental civilization will regain confidence.Chinese culture will certainly present a unique and brilliant “Oriental phenomenon” in the world!

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