The city involved in the integration of state-owned agricultural assets leading group meeting held

On the afternoon of January 26, Deputy Mayor Deng Zhirong presided over a meeting of the city’s leading group on the integration of state-owned assets related to agriculture, and arranged the deployment of the transfer of state-owned assets related to agriculture.The meeting read out a circular on setting up a leading group for the integration of State-owned assets related to agriculture.Each county (city, district) government and city state investment company responsible person to make a statement.Deng Zhirong requirements, all levels of departments to improve the political position, fully understand the importance of the integration of agricultural assets, the necessity and urgency, the thought and action to unify the municipal party committee and government decision-making deployment.We should shoulder the main responsibility, increase enthusiasm and initiative in our work, clearly and specifically assign tasks, work procedures and time points, further seize development opportunities, seek financial support for agriculture-related policies, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization in the region.We need to strengthen overall planning, work closely with each other, and form synergy. We need to formulate special integration plans, establish a sound mechanism for regular scheduling, consultation, tracking and supervision, and ensure that the integration of agriculture-related assets is carried out consistently, closely and efficiently.(Reporter: Qiu Shasha Yongdanhua)

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