Tomb-sweeping day memory send mourning civilization worship tree new wind

Spring grass on the stranger every year, but qingming thinking of old friends.Tomb-sweeping day, is the outing of the Spring Festival, is also the sentimental day of ancestor worship.The city women’s federation system for the implementation of the “about further transforming social traditions Local custom civilization construction of the implementation opinions “spirit, leading the broad masses of women and families strictly observe the regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and actively advocate green, environmental protection, simple, safe and fresh air to martyrs, take the lead in build civilization martyrs’s social atmosphere, in the ching Ming festival approaching, the city women’s federation sent the following initiatives:Avoid gathering online worship consciously cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, enhance the awareness of protection.In areas where the epidemic situation is severe, it is not necessary to go out and gather, and relatives and friends from other places should be advised not to return home for sacrifice, so as to avoid cross-infection.We encourage people to make offerings on the cloud and offer flowers online. We can play miss songs on demand, write letters to the heart, participate in online time and space mailboxes, and hold small family memorial meetings to keep missing in the cloud.Pay attention to fire safety. Consciously abide by forest fire regulations and raise the awareness of fire prevention.Dry things in spring, dense weeds in the tomb area, prone to fire.When going out for worship, the vast number of women sisters to remind and urge family members do not bring fire into the forest area, choose to carry flowers, planting saplings and other ways to worship, prohibit on both sides of the road, corridor community, park square and other sites burning paper, money and other sacrificial supplies.Filial piety, thrifty worship, consciously practice the virtue of respecting and loving the elderly, filial piety, and establish a good family tradition.Women and sisters should care more for the elderly, accompany them often, show filial piety and support them when they are alive.After the death of the old man, to carry forward the good tradition of thrift, consciously resist feudal superstition, do not compare with each other, conduct, extravagance and waste, frugal worship.To commemorate the martyrs, we should pay tribute to the martyrs and carry forward the patriotic spirit.Women and families can accompany their children to watch documentaries and movies about heroic deeds;Women’s federations at all levels should advocate participating in the activities of “2022· Endeavor · Online memorial service for heroes” organized by the China Heroes Website, and encourage young people to offer flowers and leave memorial messages for the heroes, remember their heroic achievements and great spirit of unyielding, inherit and carry forward the heroes’ will, love the motherland and contribute to society.In memory of the dead, advocating new wind send grief.The majority of women and sisters should guide their families to drive the society to take active actions, pass on family affection, inherit culture, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, take the initiative to change the bad concept of worshipping, change the bad habits of traditional worshipping, advocate civilized new customs, and celebrate the safety of the Qingming Festival.

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