Tomorrow 2022.4.1 live pig market price information

Hogs prices tomorrow April 2nd: North and South continue to rise broadly.From the national pig system each site statistics data: tomorrow pig prices in 26 provinces and cities 14 up, 10 flat, 2 down.Today (April 1) the average price of three yuan outside pigs 6.15 yuan/catty, pig grain ratio 4.46:1.Tomorrow the pig price rises and increases greatly province: Zhejiang rises: lowest price 6. Yuan, highest price 6.9 yuan.Jiangsu rose: low 6.5 yuan, high 6.9 yuan.Sichuan rose: low 6.3 yuan, high 6.5 yuan.Guangdong rose: low 6.5 yuan, high 6.8 yuan.Guangxi rose: low 6.2 yuan, high 6.7 yuan.Pig prices are rising day after day.Several positive factors boosted pig prices.First: The state Reserve’s third frozen pork collection and storage was carried out on No. 2 and 3 with 40,000 tons of reserves, which encouraged the market.Second: the supply of pigs by large-scale pig enterprises at the end of the month is reduced, transportation in many places is limited, slaughterers are difficult to acquire, and pig prices are rising.Third: Qingming festival is coming, pork consumption increased significantly.The depressed market is breathing new life.Pig prices are expected to continue to stabilize in recent days.

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