Why did many people stop buying pirated games after Steam became popular?

I don’t know if you get the feeling that a lot of people were playing pirated games a decade ago, but since Steam has become so popular around the world, a lot of people have switched to only playing legitimate games.First of all, there are many reasons why players first start playing pirated games. For example, the legitimate games are expensive and they cannot afford them.Or there are limited channels to buy legitimate games.All in all, price is a very important factor.Steam has solved a number of problems. First, regional pricing takes into account regions with lower purchasing power, such as Russia, Argentina or Brazil.Second, Steam games are often discounted, which greatly reduces the cost of buying them.Another reason is psychological.A lot of people feel guilty about buying pirated games because they didn’t support their favorite developers, so they will “pay for their tickets” when they have money.For example, a foreign player personally sent an email to a studio, telling them that he played the pirated version only because he couldn’t afford it, but would buy the genuine version when he could.To his surprise, the studio was so supportive that he has since bought all of its licensed games.However, it’s the Steam “service” that drives people to buy the real thing.”We have a fundamental misunderstanding about piracy,” He once said.Piracy is almost always a service issue, not a pricing issue, and their services will be more valuable if they are available around the clock globally and can be easily purchased on a PC.”In other words, Steam’s core advantage over piracy is service. Not only do you buy the game, but you also get a whole package of services — after-sales, community, game updates, achievements — that piracy lacks.Therefore, players are willing to pay for the legitimate version, which is the value of the service.Finally, there are over 5,000 multiplayer games available on Steam, many of them big hits, and piracy is multiplayer that can’t be played on official servers and supports Lan networking at best, forcing many players to switch to legitimate versions.Xbox Boss of the Day Phil.Spencer won the AIAS lifetime Achievement Award and will be honored at the 25th ANNUAL DICE Awards by Bethesda boss Todd.Howard.Above 2 are the AIAS Lifetime Achievement Award winners from 2007 to 2018. They are all big names, including legendary Japanese game designers Genio Takeda and Satoru Iwata.Arthur holds a drumstick instead of a gun.

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