Attention!Hebei health code opens new function!

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in The province continues to improve, but it is still an arduous task to prevent imported cases and domestic rebound.How to guide the masses to report their sojourn history?Who comes to Return to Ji need to report?How and to whom should I report, and what should I do after reporting?To address this problem, the provincial epidemic prevention Office has opened a function for people to self-report in the Hebei Health Code. In the past 14 days, people who are at risk of COVID-19 can report their travel and residence conditions in areas at risk from the “self-report” module of the Hebei Health Code to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.Who should report voluntarily?According to a circular issued by the provincial epidemic prevention office, people in the following six categories are required to report their travel and residence conditions in areas at risk of epidemic :(1) stop at key places affected by epidemic.(2) There is an intersection with the trajectory of an infected person.(3) from high school risk areas.(4) a history of travel and residence in the affected county (city, district or banner).(5) travel history of low-risk counties (cities, districts or banners) in the epidemic city.(6) Other persons involved in epidemic risk determined according to the epidemic prevention and control needs of The province.It was reported that the provincial epidemic prevention and control office will adjust the scope of people who must take the initiative to report according to the epidemic prevention and control needs of our province.How to report?– Open the Hebei Health code, click the button of “Self-report of Epidemic risk”, enter the page, and fill in the relevant information as prompted.It can also be reported on behalf of others.How to deal with the report?- village doctor (community health workers) the active ties with the masses to self-reported information push around the villages and towns (street), the distribution of villages and towns (street) to live belongs to village (community), village doctor (community health workers) receive the self-reported information, according to the job specification, immediately take the initiative to contact self-reported masses, make risk judgment and disposal.Source: Hebei News, Zhangjiakou release where marked “Baidu no. 100 Zhangjiakou operation Center” all text and pictures and other information, copyright is Baidu No. 100 Zhangjiakou operation center, please indicate the source.

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