By playing mahjong joke excessive, cause trouble because of misunderstanding, just retired people regret unceasingly

It was too funny to say, because the mahjong joke went too far, and the misunderstanding led to trouble, a polite retiree with an old face, and even caused the family to break up.Lao Su is a section level cadres retired, although not high education, literary appearance let a person feel the ink in his stomach a lot, when the cadre of people must have level.Busy life, retired suddenly idle down, feel some unaccustomed, uncomfortable.On weekdays there is nothing to do but wander around the neighborhood where I live.A tall, fair and rather pretty woman in her thirties lived in the same neighborhood.On weekdays, the dress is exquisite, elegant, always hanging a smile on the face, with the community a bit familiar with the person, met always take the initiative to nod and say hello, give a person a sweet gentle and enthusiastic appearance, let a person see it and pleased.Her husband is a senior executive in a state-owned enterprise. He is often away on business trips. His son lives in a closed school and often stays at home alone.She and retired old Sue are just a little familiar and not too much contact, naturally do not know each other, can be said to be seen in the usual kind of nod.Old Sue retired because she was hanging around the neighborhood and seeing her more often.The more we meet each other, the closer we become to each other, the more we just nod our heads in the past, the more we say hello to each other, and sometimes we stop to chat for a while.That old Su retired in speech, nothing idle at home, enthusiastic quick bowel she invited old Su play cards.Lao Su never played mah-jongg, and for some reason he didn’t refuse the invitation and seemed willing.Playing mah-jongg together, naturally become mah-jongg friends, more contacts, Lao Su felt very happy.Time one elder Sue found the way she looked at him always made him feel warm in his heart.But old Sue ignored that perhaps the look in her eyes that made him warm was inherent in women, not just for him, or, rather, her own, the same for everyone.Old Sue must be worrying too much.Playing mahjong that day, she sat in Lao Su’s house, not good luck, secretly worried.Suddenly a set of good cards, as long as into a chicken out of the big hu.Anxious ah, she calm, one touch is not, two touch is not.He can not touch only wait for the home dozen, Wang Xiaomei had to look forward to the eyes of the sit on the old Su.It also happened that old Su had an extra chicken in his hand. After hesitating, he shot it out, jokingly saying, “I’ll shoot a chicken for you!”Really hit a chicken, she was so happy, perhaps too excited for the sake of eye disease and quickly grabbed over, laughing happily said: “ha ha, finally wait for your chicken, looking forward to it for a long time!”In a word, the mahjong players laughed.She seemed to be aware of something, a little embarrassed, red face sat there quietly.Shyly, she moved her foot unintentionally, but quickly moved away as if she were treading on something.She felt it was Sue’s foot and glanced at her.He was blushing in shyness, but old Sue thought he was blushing.Late at night, when it was over, Old Sue lay tossing and turning in his bed, thinking of mei’s step on his foot, the way she looked at him with her red face, and the way she couldn’t wait to eat.Lao Su could not help getting up from bed and unknowingly came to Wang Xiaomei’s door. She knocked boldly at the door.”Who is it?”It’s me, old Sue!Open the door!”Knocking on the door so late and in such a hurry, there must be something urgent!Wang xiaomei didn’t think much about it, but opened the door at once. But when Lao Su came in, she only stared at her with two eyes and said, “Lao Su, what are you doing?”According to wang Xiaomei’s such attitude, old Su this time should understand his misunderstanding.But the old man did not leave.Wang Xiaomei was so worried that she raised her voice and asked Lao Su what she wanted.I don’t know that it has alarmed the neighbors.She felt a sudden pang of regret, but her shrewdness succeeded.However, Lao Su never played mahjong anymore and rarely even wandered around the neighborhood.

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