Chinese women’s football team presents on the fourth day of the New Year!Sonorous roses will never give up the best Spring Festival gift

Beijing time late February 3, 2022 women’s Asian cup semi-final, the Chinese women’s team in the case of lack of the core wang shuang, in full passive situation behind the case, the two levelled up twice, in overtime passive situation didn’t give up, eventually completed by vian crit off tied the score, the score into overtime.The fighting spirit of the women’s soccer team is touching, and the roses are still blooming, giving Chinese fans the best Gift for the Spring Festival.Before this match, China women’s football team won all two matches in the group stage and defeated Vietnam 3-1 in the quarter-finals to advance to the semi-finals.After winning two and drawing one in the group stage, Japan eliminated Thailand in the quarter-finals to advance.At present, both China and Japan have successfully qualified for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.However, the Chinese women’s football team has no advantage against Japan, because the Chinese women’s football team has not beaten Japan in four matches, the last time beating the opponent back to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games qualifying match.To make matters worse for the Chinese women’s soccer team, top scorer Wang Shuang was sidelined by an injury before the match.At the beginning of the game, as expected, the stronger Japanese women’s football team took the advantage of the field. At the beginning, they bombarded the hinterland of The Chinese women’s football team. In the 26th minute, the women’s football team made a series of mistakes in the back line, and the defender Yang Lina passed the ball directly to the foot of the Vietnamese team.Viet Nam team in the game is natural smile big gift, knocked open zhu Yu guard the door.The Chinese women’s football fans, who are used to seeing the Chinese men’s football team lose their heads, felt nervous for the women’s football team. But soon after the second half, the Chinese women’s football team equalized the score.Regular time Chinese women’s football and opponents tied into extra time.Overtime, the Japanese women’s siege of Chinese women’s football goal again, after a crossbar, soon again through the header to open China doors and one when time is lost, just when we thought the Chinese women’s team lost to regret, vian stand up in the 119th minute vian outside instep volley into the net, the perfect flat, the game into a penalty shootout,Let the waiting Chinese fans ushered in the dawn of hope, opened the door to the final.

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