Do you need to put dried beef in refrigerator? (How to do if the surface of dried beef is moldy)

Do dry cows need to be put in the refrigerator? It depends.The moisture content of dried beef is very small, if the weather is not very hot, then it can be stored at room temperature, not easy to deteriorate.But if the weather is very hot, or you want to keep the dried beef for a longer time, this time you need to store it in the refrigerator, in the low temperature of the refrigerator, can help extend the storage time.Cow dry surface moldy how to do not suggest to eat again.The ox the baganda mildew, rarely happen if beef mildew, mostly because of improper preservation, lead to the beef be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, at this time of the dried beef has been breeding ground for bacteria and microbe, after eating the body burden of intestines and stomach, may enhance gastrointestinal damage to human body, the dried beef is not recommended to eat again.Tips In daily life, many people will wash the moldy part of the cow after moldy, and then eat it, which is not possible, because once the cow is moldy, the whole department will have bacteria, just how many problems, for their own health, or do not eat.In daily life, there are many curing methods for dried cattle, which can be adjusted according to their own preferences. For example, the specific methods are as follows: First of all, we need to select high-quality beef from the hind legs of fat beef cattle;Then cut it into medium sized slices;After the beef is ready, prepare appropriate amount of salt, pepper, etc.;Then mix salt and pepper together, evenly spread on the beef, remember to evenly spread, the amount can be more, so that it can better place the beef deterioration;Repeated three or four times, can be flat into the tank, stacked layer upon layer, pressed, then spread a layer of salt, sealed with multiple layers of paper, pickled for 20 days or so, can be out of the tank.Dry gastrodia elata put freezer to grow mildew to still can eat do not suggest to eat again.Although the refrigerator can prolong the preservation time of dry gastrodia elata, but if the preservation time is too long, it will also deteriorate. If the dry gastrodia elata has long mildew, then these molds will enter the interior of gastrodia elata, and the nutrients contained in it will grow and reproduce, and also produce more toxic substances.These toxic substances are generally difficult to remove, even if the moldy place is cleaned and cut off, but the toxic substances contained in it will still exist, so for the dry gastrodia that has grown moldy, it is not recommended to continue to eat.

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