Pain don’t!Hundred-year-old “Quanzhou girl” Gong Shumian has gone…

Gong shumian, a renowned Taiwanese writer and painter, was the author of fangcao Villa, vice chairman of the Taiwan Poetry and Calligraphy Painters Association, and honorary president of the World Chinese Poetry Society.But the title she is most proud of is “Quanzhou Girl”.Over the past 30 years, Gong returned to Quanzhou dozens of times across the Taiwan Strait to promote cultural exchanges between the two sides.Especially after the death of his lover Gao Yihong, Gong shumian missed his hometown more and more, and often went back to the spring alone for a short time to comfort his homesickness.After the news of Gong shumian’s death came, quanzhou cultural circles expressed their condolences and grief in various forms.Yesterday, Chen Zhize, member of Chinese Writers Association and former chairman of Quanzhou Writers Association, shared articles twice on wechat moments to mourn Gong Shumian.In the early 1990s, Chen zhize and Gong Shumian became friends after they met by chance in Tianhou Palace in Quanzhou.For more than 20 years, they walked through qingyuan Mountain, Luoyang Bridge, Chongwu ancient city and other scenic spots, talked about literary creation together, and jointly edited “Selected new works of Quanzhou Prose”.”Gong shumian was versatile. Her prose and poetry had a wide influence on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Chinese painting and music also reached a high standard.Chen Zhize said.Gong Shumian was interviewed by reporters in 2019.”Gong Shumian is my aunt. Many years ago, she participated in the national art activities for the elderly held by the Art Troupe of Quanzhou University for the Aged, which focused on the theme of old people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.Yesterday, gong Wanquan, president of Quanzhou West Lake Culture Promotion Association and vice president of Quanzhou University for the Aged, asked his friends in Taiwan to pay tribute to Gong at his home immediately after hearing the tragic news.He said that Gong shumian was very concerned about the Gong family and most of her published books were stored in her former residence.Wu Qicui, founder of the “World Cultural Celebrities Village” and vice president of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Photography Society, was deeply saddened by the tragic news and immediately called Gao Guohua, Gong’s son, to express condolences.Wu Qicui said that Gong shumian was very concerned about the development of education in his hometown and frequently returned to the spring to communicate with students and give special lectures.The former residence of Gong Shumian, a messenger of cross-strait cultural exchanges, is located in Tongzheng Alley in the downtown area.The Gong family is a hanlin family, deep academic roots, coupled with her hard work and intelligence, so that she became famous on both sides of the Taiwan Strait “fujian talented woman”.It is difficult to dilute the strong nostalgia, gong Shumian has been living in Taiwan for more than half a century, form and ink and skipping between the lines of poetry notes.In the 1940s, at the age of 18, Gong Shumian crossed the sea to Taiwan to devote himself to Chinese education in the island.It was not until 1991 that Gong finally set foot on his homeland again.For half a century, he returned to a different place. His parents had died.Since then, she has returned to Spring almost every year and frequently appeared at cultural events on the mainland of China, becoming an envoy for cross-strait cultural exchanges.When young Gong Shumian “hometown, just like a pot of old wine, the more time is more fragrance, it is hard to let go, every tree and grass in hometown has always affected his heart.Gong shumian’s yearning for his hometown and love for his motherland are the inexhaustible source of his literary creation.This nostalgia is permeated in her works such as Fang Cao Villa, published in Taiwan, And Thousands of Nostalgia published in Quanzhou, as well as in her frequent trips across the Strait.Gong shumian not only returned to the spring frequently, but also brought his beloved books, paintings and photographs to his hometown.The biggest one was in the spring of 2019, when she brought a large number of collections back to Quanzhou and donated them to the “World Cultural Celebrity Village” located in Huaguang Vocational College in Quanzhou.It is reported that Gong Shumian is following Yu Guangzhong, settled in the “world cultural celebrity village”, the second spring cultural celebrity, its special exhibition hall name is “Gao Yihong Gong Shumian Poetry and Painting House”.”Gao Yihong” three words is gong Shumian insisted on adding before his death, the two of them “one word marriage” story spread across the Strait for a good story.Gong shumian had a deep affection for Gao Yihong. In previous exchanges, gong repeatedly stressed that her artistic achievements were due to her husband’s encouragement and support.Many of the paintings and calligraphy donated by Gong were created by Gao Yihong before his death.Gong Shumian (middle) and his son Gao Guohua (first right) in the poetry and Painting house (Fang Su).Wu Qicui said that this calligraphic work was written by Gao Yihong in accordance with Gong Shumian’s instructions, reflecting deep love, and is now hanging in the prominent position of “Gao Yihong Gong Shumian poetry and painting House”.In addition to their paintings and calligraphy works, the exhibition hall also features a collection of essays, poems and some old photos by Gong Shumian.Three years ago, Gong Shumian crossed the sea and brought back a batch of paintings and calligraphy works to her hometown. She said in an interview: “I followed the sound of the flowers blossoming on the Thorn back to Quanzhou, back to my hometown.”Now, she has returned to her homeland.Source: Quanzhou Evening News reporter: Chen Zhiyong editor: Zhang CAI Review: Xiao Guojing deep memory!Go all the way!

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