Taking the shadow of his father and doing disobedient things, the way of promotion of Jia Chong, the founding minister of the Western Jin Dynasty

Jia Chong’s father, Jia Kui, was a famous official of Cao Cao, Cao PI and Cao Hiei in The Three Kingdoms period at the end of Han Dynasty.When Cao Cao died, Jia Kui was responsible for the funeral.Cao PI quarreled with Cao Zhang for power. Cao Zhang was the first to come to Luoyang from Chang ‘an with troops and horses, but was reprimanded by Jia Kui: “The crown prince is in Ye, the deputy governor of the state.Cao PI was so grateful to Jia Kui.When Cao Hiei, Emperor Ming of wei, was in charge, Jia Kui joined the army to attack Wu. He also saved Cao Xiu, chief Sima, without thinking of the past.Jia Kui died of illness, posthumous marquis, and was succeeded to the title by his son Jia Chong.Jia Kui, who devoted himself to the unification of Cao and Wei all his life, would not have thought that it was his son who destroyed it once. How did Jia Chong help Sima’s success?In the twenty-second year of Jian ‘an of the Eastern Han Dynasty (217), Jia Kui, the governor of Yuzhou, was pleased to have a son. As it was an old son, it was a happy event for Chong, so he named it chong.In 228, In the second year of Taihe, Emperor Ming of wei, Jia Kui died of illness. Jia Chong succeeded his father to the title of knesset and later became an official of the State of Wei. He was honored as shang Shu Lang, responsible for the enactment of laws and regulations, and concurrently served as a branch examination teacher.Zhengyuan two years (252) town east general 毌 Qiu Jian and Yangzhou provincial governor Wen Qin because the Wei emperor Cao Fang was deposed and rebellion, Jia Chong to join the army with the identity of the general Sima Division to pacification.Sima division left Jia Chong in charge of the army because of pain caused by an eye disease.After Sima died of illness, Sima Zhao took power and left Jia Chong in charge of the military forces in Xuchang and added 350 households to the city.After taking power, Sima Zhao waved his hand and appointed Jia Chong as general Sima. Turning to his right, Jia Chong was bound to Sima’s camp. Seeing that the power of Cao wei was gone, Jia Chong did not hesitate to join Sima’s camp.At that time, the generals on the garrison side were holding a heavy army. Sima Zhao, because he had just assumed the power, had the intention of abrogate it, but he was afraid that he would be attacked by a whole crowd. Therefore, he sent Jia Chong as a messenger to comfort the four generals in the east, south, west and north, and to test their opinions.Perhaps there is sima Zhao endorsement, Jia Chong in the zheng East general Zhuge Sanzhi there no block expressed that they want to overthrow the rule of Wei Cao, “the world is willing to Zen, you think how”.Before jia Kui died of illness, he still kept in mind the great plan of attacking Wu and serving Cao Wei. However, his son decided to help Sima Zhao usurp the throne.Zhuge Dan harshly rebuked him and said: “You are not jia Yuzhou son, the world by wei’s grace, how can you want to lose the country”, jia Chong said speechless.Two, the rebellion to seize the position, gradually spoil from Zhuge Birthday back there, Jia Chong to Sima Zhao express its will be on the contrary, “Birthday in Yangzhou, famous, can get people.Look at its plan, for the reverse will also “, and suggested sima Zhao start early.Ganlu two years (257 years) Sima Zhao zheng Zhuge Christmas for sagong, Zhuge Christmas rebellion, had prepared sima Zhao soldiers forced Shou Chun, Jia Chong also suggested “deep ditch high basings to force the thief city”, and finally defeated Zhuge Christmas.In the fifth year of the Reign of Gan Lu (260), Cao MAO, the Emperor of Wei, was unwilling to be a puppet king, so he led some guards and servants in the palace to attack Sima Zhao. Jia Chong, the central guard who controlled the forbidden army, had long been sima Zhao’s confidant, and led his soldiers to stop him.But he was not afraid to kill the red-eyed Cao MAO. When he defeated another wave of soldiers, Jia Chong attacked him directly and ordered the prince to kill Cao MAO by cheng Ji.Kingslayer but extermination felony, but Sima Zhao or jia Chong will protect down, Jia Chong therefore iron heart to follow Sima Zhao, together with the plan to support the puppet emperor Cao Huan, Jia Chong also Jin Yang township hou, leading the armies outside the city, Plus SAN Riding chang Shi.Zhong will destroy shu after the rebellion, Jia Chong received life to Hanzhong to resist the rebels, have not yet arrived at the place that the bell will have died, and then participate in confidential.Sima Zhao was seriously ill. Before his death, he pointed out to sima Yan that Jia Chong could serve as his successor. Therefore, After Sima Yan ascended the throne, Jia Chong’s position became more and more unshakable.After Sima Zhao came to power, Jia Chongqian was familiar with the criminal law and prison sentence, “Chong Ya long legal principles, known as the restoration of justice”.Although Jia chong offended all the officials loyal to wei in the matter of regicide, he won the unconditional trust of Sima Zhao, and this favor extended to Sima Yan.After Sima Yan declared himself emperor, Jia Chong was honored as the general of Cheqi, sanqi Changshi, shang Shu manchu, and was granted the title of Duke of Lu county. Later, due to his professional matching, the new law of Taishi formulated by Jia Chong was successfully implemented. Sima Yan was more dependent on Jia shi and placed more emphasis on Jia Chong.In the third year of Xianning (277), there was a terrible eclipse. Jia Chong abdicated the throne repeatedly, but Sima Yan not only refused to allow him, but also increased his fiefs and fiefs. “The more favored he became, the courtiers looked at him in astonishment.”In order to overthrow his political enemies and avoid alienating the emperor, Jia Chong betrowed his daughter to The crown prince Sima Zhong, transferred himself to the post of Siong Gong, and later transferred to the post of Taiwei, Tai Bao and Lu Shang Shu.Xianning five years (279), the Battle to destroy Wu began, The Jin Emperor Sima Yan appointed Commander Jia Chong to hold section, false tomahawk, the commander, the president of the six army, Jia Chong afraid of failure and opposed to send troops, but Sima Yan had already prepared for the threat jia Chong must go to the battlefield.Later, the Jin army won a series of victories. Jia Chong argued that it was not possible to annex Wu, saying, “Diseases will inevitably arise, and it is advisable to call all the troops in order to plan for the future.” Sima Yan again rejected the idea.As a result, wu surrendered and was destroyed. Jia Chong was worried all day long and asked for punishment, but Sima Yan did not accept it.After Jia chong died of illness, Qin Xiu thought that Jia Chong should be posthumously named as “famine”, but Sima Yan refused to do so, and renamed as “wu”. He posthumously presented Tai Zai with huo Guang and Sima Fu’s rites and buried him.Jia Kui devoted his life to cao Wei, but his son Jia Chong was the messenger of Cao MAO’s death, and Jia Nanfeng, jia Chong’s son, was more like his father, who set off the chaos of eight Kings and five chaotic Hua.Jia Chong was talented in law and had a keen political vision. “He had the power to break away from Wei in military force, and he was also the most thorough one in Sima Zhao’s team, so he was fully trusted by Sima Zhao and Sima Yan.Neither Sima Yan nor Jia Chong expected that retribution would come so quickly. Only after Sima Yan’s death, the rebellion of eight Kings lasting sixteen years directly led to the destruction of the Western Jin, which started the chaos of the Eastern Jin and the sixteen states.

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