The most sweet dumplings for special you

There is a kind of romance, you guard the frontier, I guard you.There is a kind of happiness, is willing to have a heart, whitehead is not separated.In Baoshan border control detachment dongfengqiao border checkpoint there is such a “double police” couple, husband Li Tao is dongfengqiao border checkpoint police, wife Su Shaoqian is dongfengqiao border checkpoint auxiliary internal police.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, the husband and wife in the police battalion had the sweetest meal of tangyuan at the border.In 2013, Li Tao joined the army and became a frontier soldier of the Armed police at the Border checkpoint of Dongfengqiao. He always kept his original mission in mind in the front of the investigation, and has won the third-class merit for three times.In 2019, with the institutional adjustment of the BORDER police force of the People’s Armed Police Force, The Dongfengqiao Border Checkpoint recruited full-time auxiliary police of border management. Su Shaoqian, who loves photography and writing, successfully joined the big family of Dongfengqiao Border Checkpoint and became an auxiliary police on internal duty.After arriving at the unit, Su Shaoqian always wears police uniform, holding “equipment”, rushing about in the front line of news work……Where there are advanced deeds of immigration control police, there are her interviews.New police and auxiliary police border love story, also in an accidental interview opened the prelude.It was a hot afternoon. Su Shaoqian went to the scene of dongfengqiao border checkpoint to record the scene of the auxiliary police enforcing the law under the high temperature of 30℃.”Tao elder brother, today your clothes dry wet, wet dry, now wet again, you rest, let me check for you for a while car.”Duty scene, police Luo Yang said to master Li Tao.”Nothing, you are not too familiar with the process of investigation, in my side to follow more learning can be.”Li Tao wiped his hands with a towel and went on working.Such a casual dialogue, but next to the photography of Su Shaoqian in mind.”Why is this boy so responsible?Slowly, the intersection on Su Shaoqian and Li Tao’s job rose much, Su Shaoqian has a special liking to seriously responsible Li Tao, li Tao also takes the initiative to care Su Shaoqian in the job and life, two people began the love story of a border.Under the support and encouragement of the leadership of the unit, they went from love to marriage in February last year, and started a new journey of life of “holding your hand and growing old together with you”.On the eve of the Lantern Festival this year, due to the number of people outside the unit on vacation, Li Tao, as an excellent new police representative of the unit, took the initiative to apply for the duty of The Seg duty station, which is the key road leading to Lushui City, Nujiang Prefecture, and requires the civilian auxiliary police to take turns to investigate for 24 hours and protect the peace of the border.To this end, the Dongfengqiao border checkpoint also set up a mobile party group, with old party members and new members, responsible for the saige duty duty.Every time li tao is on duty here, he has to check people and vehicles passing by to make sure the border is safe.During heavy rain in summer, Li tao and his colleagues patrol along the rugged border road. When vehicles cannot move forward, they walk up the mountain and pour mud into their training shoes, which are covered with mud every time they patrol.And his wife Su Shaoqian always sticks to the propaganda post, she is not only a propagandist, but also a fighter, always full of positive energy.This Lantern Festival, Li Tao and Su Shaoqian were together in the border area, guarding the border together, so they had to be absent from their family reunion.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, they received blessings from their parents on wechat: “Li Tao and Shao Qian, eat more tangyuan at work!”A simple greeting made the couple’s eyes water.For them, double pay and double responsibility, bearing the couple’s love is persistent and pure.The moon now shone brightly against the back of Sager on duty.A few hours later, when the moon sinks into the valley and faces the rising sun, Li Tao will start his patrol again.In the United States border, there are many double police families like their husband and wife, they use the best love practice of immigration police clank zheng oath.”Hubby, today’s dumplings are especially sweet, you taste.”Su Shaoqian handed li Tao the dumplings in the bowl.Although I could not eat a bowl of warm dumplings on the spot, BUT I also think the dumplings will be very sweet, sweet in the two of them festival adherence and dedication.

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