To ensure the full success of the Beijing Winter Olympics

“We should bear in mind the general Secretary’s good advice, vigorously carry forward the great Spirit of the Party’s founding and the spirit of self-revolution, vigorously carry forward the Chinese spirit of sports and the Olympic spirit, and strive with one heart and tenacious struggle to achieve a double harvest of sporting achievements and spiritual civilization.”The General Administration of Sport recently held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The meeting reviewed the general Administration’s efforts to comprehensively enforce strict Party discipline in 2021, and made arrangements for the unremitting efforts of the General Administration to comprehensively enforce strict Party discipline in order to ensure the preparation for the Winter Olympic Games and the building of a sports power.Since last year, faced with such major tasks as preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games, hosting the Shaanxi National Games, preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and promoting sports reform and development, the Leading Party Group of the General Administration of Sport of China has strengthened Party leadership, consolidated its political responsibility for overseeing and governing the Party, and made solid progress in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party.The central commission for discipline inspection by state prison in the state general administration of sports discipline watchdog group holding role positioning, give play to the role of supervision and security implementation, promote the development of perfect, with a higher power of the party group, the topic, a decisive battle runoff, shaanxi national games for the Tokyo Olympic Games successfully held, Beijing Olympic organizing for race, each work provides strong political leadership and political security.”Adhere to the combination of strict discipline, kindness and love, deepen the governance of the ‘four wind’ to create a new style, with the spirit of self-revolution to stimulate sports people’s responsibility, shape a good style of sports people, good image.”The person in charge of the discipline inspection and supervision group of the General Administration of Sport of China introduced that by carrying out the warning education of honesty in key fields, paying a return visit to the concentration education of disciplined Party members, making and issuing the discipline inspection and supervision proposals, urging the investigation of risks, improving the system and optimizing governance, creating a good environment for the reform and development of sports undertakings.At the same time, we will urge the improvement of work style to lead the improvement of work style, continue to correct the “four bad manners”, carry out a campaign to improve the competition style and discipline of the national sports system, and strive to build the national team with good conduct and good performance, so as to cultivate a new style of integrity and integrity.”With the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the task of preparing for the games is very important. This year, there are also many tasks such as the Hangzhou Asian Games and the construction of a sports power.”The head said, when this crucial period, must be profound grasp all the strategic deployment, based on their role, give full play to the authority of the “send” and “in” advantage, make persistent efforts, and the comprehensive governing party to promote, promote sports glory for the motherland and the people to win more, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.

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