After the festival, rich or not, don’t miss eating this dish, meat and vegetable, adults and children love to eat

After the Spring Festival, the whole family will return to the city and start work and life again. The children will start school in a few days. Every day, they will leave work very early and prepare some home-style dishes, including green vegetables and fresh meat.Today, I would like to share with my children a favorite dish — fried eggs with pork and pork with green beans. Green beans are very crisp and tender to eat, and eggs are fresh and delicious. It is delicious to eat every day.Recently, I am not very busy at work, so I get off work very early. After work, I will buy the ingredients for dinner and buy fresh green beans and pork belly in the supermarket. Today, I am going to try a new way of eating green beans — fried eggs with green beans and pork belly, which is fresh, tender and delicious, and appetizers.Many people are eating this dish for the first time, so how do you cook it?Let’s learn.After the festival, rich or not, don’t miss eating this dish, meat and vegetable, adults and children love to eat.Ingredients details: select a small piece of pork belly, two native eggs, a few small chives, millet pepper, fresh beans about 250 grams, a number of garlic, a number of vegetable oil, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce a little, a spoon of white sugar, oyster sauce a spoon, a number of salt, a little water, a little white vinegar, a number of water starch, other condiments.Cooking tips: Choose green beans, pork belly and eggs. Blanch green beans in advance. Master the cooking order of green beans, pork belly and eggs.Detailed steps: the first step: prepare some ingredients, green beans pinch off the old stem, pot boiling some water, throw some green beans blanched, add a drop of salt, drop a few drops of cooking oil, cook for a minute or so, remove, cut into a number of small sections.The second step: empty bowl into the soil eggs, with chopsticks to stir the eggs, add a drop of salt, water starch a little, a few drops of white vinegar, pepper a drop, quickly stir evenly.Step 3: prepare an empty bowl to mix sauce, add 3 tablespoons light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, add a teaspoon of white sugar, a teaspoon of salt, quickly stir well.Step 4: Wash the pork belly and cut it into long strips. Cut the millet pepper into sections, cut the spring onion into scallions, and cut the garlic into minced garlic. Prepare the pork belly, eggs and green beans, and start cooking the pork belly fried eggs.Fifth step: the bottom of the pot preheat for a while, add a little oil to the bottom of the pot, the pork belly stir-fry, quickly stir-fry the grease to, add millet pepper section, add garlic slices and scallion section, quickly stir-fry for a while.Step 6: Add the blanched green beans and stir-fry them until they are raw. Push the green beans to the side of the pot. Add a little oil to the side of the pot and pour the egg into the pot and fry them until done.Step 7: Stir fry eggs and other dishes evenly, add some sauce, stir fry them quickly with high fire for a while, reduce the sauce, remove the pot, and the fried eggs with pork belly and green beans are ready.Fried eggs with pork and pork in green beans is a special dish, the cost is not high, the practice is very simple, my child is no longer picky food, very appetitive.Can you learn this stir-fried egg with green beans and pork belly?(All photos from the Internet) For more exciting content, come and pay attention to Xiao Wei health kitchen

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