Dongying District Civil Affairs Bureau cares for “one old and one young”

The quilts are thick and fresh (beautiful). The children can cover themselves with new quilts during the Spring Festival this year. A new down jacket was just issued a few days ago, but the children can’t get cold anymore.In longju town lonely trapped children’s house, the child’s grandmother took dongying city civil affairs Bureau and Dongying City volunteer association staff’s hand, excitedly said.On January 25th morning, when the lunar off-year, 49 sees, the snowflakes in the sky, but in dongying district dragon town in dragon in community service center in the hall between the party and the masses, is warm, is bearing the weight of the 90 red bed of the social from all walks of life full of love warm heart quilt package hall is filled with love, and warm the most needy old and lonely trapped the hearts of children.It is understood that in order to further do a good job protection of minors and the extremely poor elderly care, dongying district actively, joint dongying city charity federation for dongying district, dongying city volunteer association 90 scattered very poor old man and solitary trapped children under the quilt warm heart, is based on the previous work for a small “” one old organize another warm winter activities.Since entering the winter, in order to ensure the warm winter of dongying district “one old and one small” poor people, the district civil Affairs Bureau has taken active actions to adopt the “capital + material + service” model, a series of measures to effectively solve the winter heating problem of “one old and one small”, which has been widely recognized by the masses of poor people.We will ensure that aid policies are in place to help those in need.A total of 1,175,100 yuan was invested in providing heating subsidies to 1,880 poor families, carrying out the “Ying (Camp) Light excursion — Warming the Sun” campaign, providing 1,261 electric blankets to rural residents living on subsistence allowances, and purchasing cotton-padded clothes and shoes for those in extreme poverty in urban and rural areas.We launched a campaign to warm winter for lonely children.District civil affairs bureau commissioned Philippine social workers united four social enterprise has carried out the love “warm childishness, watch” minors protection New Year’s day theme, “warm winter Concentric warm childishness “visits condolences activities for the entire district solitary trapped children, such as thermal underwear, down jacket, warm materials and” HuiDongBao “medical insurance,And some lonely children to send love red envelopes, oil rice noodles and other love materials, equivalent to more than 40,000 YUAN.Organize safe winter publicity and planning.Third party professional institutions and children’s directors were entrusted to carry out the work of ensuring the safety of the poor people in winter, timely in-depth understanding of the heating needs of “one elderly and one small” poor people, as well as the reserve of daily necessities, and at the same time, the knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning prevention was publicized, and the problems found in time to formulate help plans.According to introducing, the district civil administration system will be further practice morality “civil affairs for the people, civil affairs, the” working ideas, actively create “the people of your” civil service brand, the heart with feeling well warm winter “an old small” difficult people, safe winter security work, with practical action to practice “I does the practical work for the masses” theme activities,To timely send the care and warmth of the Party and the government to the people’s homes, to pass on the party’s kindness and warm the people’s hearts with practical actions, and to contribute to the civil administration to build Dongying district “a city of petroleum science and technology, a vigorous livable place, an area with satisfactory education, and a town of Lu Opera culture”.

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