Douban sued Weibo for 1 yuan

Douban has filed a lawsuit with Beijing’s Chaoyang District Court against Sina Weibo for unfair competition, demanding that the company immediately stop recruiting its “Super Talk New Star Program” and pay 1 yuan in compensation, douban announced on Weibo on The evening of March 30.Sina Weibo had not responded to the request as of 22 p.m.Beijing Technology Co is the operator of, while Beijing Weimengchuangke Network Technology Co is the operator of Sina Weibo.Douban said the “Douban Group” is one of douban’s core products, a feature created for web users to discuss topics with people with similar interests.According to the complaint, Douban found that Sina Weibo recruited managers for its “Super Talk Rising Star Program,” used multiple “Douban group” names in its promotional pages, and recruited people with management experience of douban group to set up a “super talk community” on weibo.In Douban’s view, Sina Weibo is its competitor in the same industry, and “Chaohua Community” and “Douban Group” are mutually competitive products.In doing so, Sina Weibo copied the name of the “Douban Group” and made use of douban users’ years of content and experience, which violated business ethics and damaged the community atmosphere of the Internet.In addition, Douban mentioned that Sina Weibo allowed its users to “transfer” douban content data for a long time and in large quantities, and the behavior of weibo users infringed douban’s rights and interests of content and data, as well as the copyright of Douban users and related rights holders.Douban said it had sent an official letter to Sina Weibo about users’ handling of content, but weibo has not addressed it yet.Douban also claimed that some weibo users had infringed on douban’s trademark rights by using the “Douban”, “Douban” and “Douban Group” trademarks without authorization.Douban argued that sina Weibo, as an online service, did not take measures such as deleting it even after receiving the notice, which magnified its losses.According to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, Trademark Law, Civil Code and other relevant provisions, Douban believes that Sina Weibo’s above behavior infringes on Douban’s trademark rights, seriously violates the principle of good faith and universally recognized business ethics, and constitutes unfair competition.Therefore, Douban requests the court to order Sina Weibo to immediately stop its infringing activities, including but not limited to deleting infringing links and stopping the recruitment of “Super Talk New Star Program”;A public apology;And compensation of RMB 1 yuan.At present, the relevant weibo of @Chaohua community is no longer visible. It is understood that the @Chaohua community released a microblog on March 29, saying that it would launch the “Chaohua Nova Plan” from now on to April 30.The eligibility criteria for the Program include having experience as an administrator of any community, managing a community of 500 or more members, and being at least 18 years old.The program will also provide host incentive plan, fast certification channel, hot search, banner, information flow and other resources to boost official support.In addition, “super talk nova plan” picture promotional materials appear “confused learning”, “work this matter”, “today’s consumption downgrade”, “quarrel did not play well” and other words.It is understood that this is the same as the name of the group with more active users on douban platform.It is worth mentioning that at 21 o ‘clock on March 30, the reporter tried to re-view the @chaotalk community. The above micro-blog is not visible. The new Evening News integrated Southern Metropolis Daily, N video report, Shenzhen big event copyright belongs to the original author

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