Special operating table

Special operation table Yang Jinshan last century in the 1970s, “57” cadres to the countryside, from handan multiple units out of 6 cadres, came to the chicken ze north Zhao Village, one of them is the original Handan regional hospital surgeon huang Xianzong, two years in the countryside in the ans village and nearby village, do surgery for patients do not know how many cases.All six of them spent the day at my house.Huang Xianzong graduated from the university before the “Cultural Revolution” and was assigned to the former Handan regional hospital. He was a skilled attending physician. Because he stood in the wrong team during the “Cultural Revolution”, the residual poison of factionalism had not been cleared at that time, he was sent to my village and became a “May 7th” cadre.At that time, the rural areas were very poor and the medical conditions were very poor.He is a good surgeon, and the old people keep talking about his deeds. He is a good doctor who lifts the sufferings of the common people without seeking fame or profit.Yao from Xiaoyan Village has a fat on her back, the size of a steamed bun, and has undergone an operation on the adobe bed of my home. The patient lies on the adobe bed, some newspapers placed under her stomach, and the barefoot doctor in the village is our assistant.Sterilization surgery began, according to the procedure, when the room light is dim, I set out to flashlight, from start to finish the operation, I always use the flashlight lighting Huang Xianzong surgery doctor, links to skilled, not for a moment take a weight of about six or seven heavy big yellow is swollen, still steaming, stitching, took a few days anti-inflammatory drugs.The patient got up from the kang as if nothing had happened and the operation was successful.Under such conditions, many cases of large operations were performed. Such an operating table was extremely rare, and the lighting was only by a flashlight. Now it is unthinkable to say that a miracle appeared under Huang Xianzong.One fall day, I village, a 6 year old children climbing street gate to play, there is a leakage on the nails, when a child is pedal empty fall down carelessly, iron nails were open eggs, and from the root of all open, child mother holding the child cry and shout, yellow doctor quickly save my child, this can let a person cry nerve-racking, Huang Xianzong quickly check, holding an egg egg said after scan,Nothing suture is good, fortunately, the egg egg outside the layer of film is not cut, once the cut is big trouble, may also leave sequelae, Dr. Huang gave the child to do surgical suture.The child his niang frighten a face big sweat to go down stream, the operation had done, she grew a breath to say, you are my child rescuer.Two of them to reward Dr. Huang Xianzong, respectively bought sesame oil and eggs to thank Dr. Huang declined one by one, not a cent.Decades have passed, so far I miss huang Xianzong, a good doctor who did not seek fame or profit, and also miss the medical workers of that era.February 4, 2022

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