Women’s soccer wins!In a tearful speech at the post-match press conference, Shui Qingxia thanked Sun Wen for getting the women’s football team back on track

On February 6, the Chinese women’s 3-2 victory over South Korea, after 16 years in the Asian cup championship again, after the conference, ShuiQingXia emotional tears when we said: ‘to win the title is a very happy thing, can see the direction of the future, “take this opportunity to wish players psychology can be more powerful, also want to more refined to improve our technology and tactics.It may not be smooth sailing on the way forward, but I believe that as long as the direction is right, I have the confidence to expect Chinese women’s football.”‘when it comes to substitution strategy and how to encourage players in midfield, ShuiQingXia said: “the coach team to prepare more fully for situations, so the substitution of the decision, and for the players, is more incentive,” let’s hope they don’t lose heart, and 45 minutes, anything could happen, let them open, in addition to pay attention to tactics, don’t have any baggage.”Indeed, the biggest champion of the women’s football team, is definitely head coach Shui Qingxia!Four games all put Yao Wei on the wing, Wang Shanshan centre-back forward swing.Backward when a variety of dazzling position changes, highlight water Qingxia excellent business ability.As a matter of fact, The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup because of Sun Wen. If Sun Wen had not chosen Shui Qingxia in spite of the opposition and even resigned, the Women’s football team would not have achieved today’s result. Finally, I would like to thank Sun Wen for her contribution to Chinese football.

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