5.15 billion yuan!Dazhou hit a record high

Pay attention to us, understand the new era dazhou!Recently, the reporter learned from Dazhou Customs that in 2021, the total value of import and export of goods trade in Our city was 5.15 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 93.7%.Among them, exports reached 4.69 billion yuan, up 107.7% year on year;Imports reached 460 million yuan, up 38.7% year on year.According to Yang Guan, head of Dazhou Customs, in 2021, the scale of dazhou’s foreign trade hit a record high, showing the overall characteristics of gradually expanding trade market, steadily improving trade methods, and rich varieties of trade goods.”Since this year, Dazhou enterprises have continued to explore new markets while maintaining traditional export markets.”Yang Guan told reporters that there are more than 160 countries and regions that have import and export trade with Dazhou enterprises throughout the year, and the top three in trade statistics are Hong Kong, the United States and South Korea. In 2021, Dazhou’s import and export to Latin America and Africa will increase significantly.In 2021, the total value of dazhou’s general trade increased by 98.1%, the total value of exports doubled, and the total value of processing trade also increased by more than 50% compared with last year.Not only that, Dazhou Customs close to the local “Bashan Food Hui” brand cluster, has promoted dazhu laozao, Wanyuan honey and other characteristic products to go abroad, promote the development of local agriculture.In 2022, Dazhou Customs will continue to deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating control and providing services”, optimize the business environment, and make every effort to boost the opening-up level of the customs area.Innovate supervision mode and optimize service measures to fully support the application of dazhou Bonded Logistics Center (B).We will continue to promote the reform of cross-border trade facilitation, help enterprises seize the important opportunities of RCEP, actively carry out policy interpretation, help enterprises obtain key information in a timely manner, guide them to accurately grasp the preferential policies, make full use of the “dividend” of the policies, and spare no effort to contribute to the development of our open economy.Reporter | Ding Chang correspondent | guo-liang liu edit | zhao Tang Qing coordinating editor | pandan on-duty staff | FuYong

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