After Wu Hua-wen’s uprising, Yin Xi-he cursed for it, but he had no choice but to sit and wait

Please click “follow” above before reading, thank you for your support, I hope to bring you a good reading experience, and share the happiness of reading with you!I will bring you more wonderful stories in the future!In the second half of 1948, the PLA troops had entered the strategic offensive stage. Under the direct command of the Central Military Commission and Chairman MAO, the East China Field Army carried out a large-scale battle against the heavily guarded Jinan of the Kuomintang army. This battle was the famous Battle of Jinan during the War of Liberation.The campaign, I east China’s people’s Liberation Army gathered a total of 140,000 troops, and the military garrison forces are assembled 110,000 troops, in the city and outside the building of a large number of fortifications and trenches, firmly waiting for assistance, waiting for the change of time.At that time, the highest commander of the garrison forces is the commander of the second pacification area and Shandong Province president Wang Yaowu, the military general is under Chiang Kai-shek’s direct line of general, born in the Huangpu Military Academy, has participated in the Northern Expedition war and the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, is a combat experience more rich military generals.After he came to jinan for reporting on activities, and began to move forces, protection work, he based on the terrain conditions of jinan, the jinan protection differentiate into two parts, and set the inner city to become a central defensive positions, outside the city and commercial port as the basic positions, more than 100 points in suburbs of perimeter, attempt to adhere to for a long time.Area but, second appeasement commander and chairman of shandong province wang yao-wu elaborate defense system, and finally in my east China field army, under the fire of rapidly been thoroughly collapse, I liberation army after eight days and nights of combat, the final liberation of the capital city of jinan in shandong province, completely destroyed the city garrison of more than 110000 people, including a uprising army, 20000), and general 23 people captive nations forces guarding city,Among them is the second pacification area commander and shandong province chairman Wang Yaowu.In the fierce battle on jinan city, has made people felt more story, one of nations in charge of the military generals to reorganize the 96th army commanders Wu Huawen uprising, irritates, swearing, but he himself in the face of the people’s liberation army troops, is there is no way that can only be “doing nothing”,When the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army soldiers came to him, he did not hesitate to disarm and surrender, so who was this national army general, and what was his outcome?The following is a review of this story based on literature.”Quartermaster” Major General Yin Xihe named Yin Xihe, in the Battle of Jinan, served as the Director of the Fourth Corps station of the Kuomintang Joint logistics Headquarters, he is the “quartermaster” of the defense forces in Jinan, holding the power of the supply of military supplies.Born in the Huangpu Military Academy, he took part in the Northern Expedition and the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression successively, serving as a company commander in the Northern Expedition and then as a depot director of the tenth Army in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. During the War of Liberation, he was transferred to Shandong by Chiang Kai-shek’s clique-general to fight.Therefore, we can see from Yin Xihe’s resume, this is a very experienced “quartermaster” of the National army, logistics and supplies is very rich experience, which is why the Chiang Kai-shek group let him to serve as the ji ‘nan garrison corps station director of the reason.At that time, the military forces stationed in jinan has about 110000 people, including weapons, ammunition, and various military supplies are made by Yin Xi and to make decision, although he himself can deploy troops is limited, but his role may be the top priority of jinan military garrison, so in order to protect the military departments,Wang Yaowu, commander of the second Pacification area and chairman of Shandong Province, put the munitions department in the west of the city, and let the 96th Army commander Wu Huawen protect the munitions department.BGF 96th army commanders Wu Huawen leading uprising, Yin Xi and swearing to this, but he can’t do anything, can only be destroyed the BGF 96th army commanders Wu Hua text is the kibaki beiyang warlord feng yuxiang, follow-up, feng yuxiang fall from grace, he again into group under the authority of Chiang kai-shek, but after the start of the Anti-Japanese War, he in order to save power, unexpectedly became a puppet forces generals,He worked for the Japanese army, but after the war of Resistance against Japan, he changed his position again and returned to the Chiang Kai-shek clique. Therefore, Wu Hua-wen is a typical role of the fence, the two sides.And before the Jinan war began, the commander of the second pacification area and Shandong Province chairman Wang Yaowu gave him such an important position in the west of the city of Jinan to defend, obviously made a elementary mistake.After all, Wu hua-wen did not want to be a pawn or a vanguard for the Chiang Kai-shek clip. so before the battle of Jinan began, he sent his men to contact the underground members of our party in The city.Therefore, our party sent Li Changyan, the cousin of Wu Huawen’s wife, to Jinan to persuade Wu Huawen to turn over to the Ming Dynasty. But When Wu Huawen faced persuasion, he never let go. He always wavered, watching the development of the war and making plans.In the middle of the night of September 16, 1948, my PEOPLE’s Liberation Army troops to the city of Jinan launched a general attack, ji ‘nan outside the city and the eastern front of the nations garrison troops were all my PEOPLE’s Liberation Army troops annihilated, the war suddenly spread to the western defense area of Wu Huawen, and Wu Huawen is the order troops do not return fire, stay put,This made it clear to our PLA commander Su Yu that Wu Huawen wanted to be “on the wall”.In order to make Wu huawen understand the situation, PLA commander Su Yu ordered our artillery troops to shell the positions wu Huawen was defending in turn. As a result, Wu Huawen’s defensive positions were dealt an unprecedented blow, and a battalion was lost in only 20 minutes.Wu Huawen saw this situation, immediately sent personnel and the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army commanders and fighters made contact, said he was willing to surrender, hope the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army troops stop attacking, give him a time to prepare.As a result, in the evening of September 19, Wu Huawen led the regrouping of the 96th Army more than twenty thousand people uprising, the city of Jinan’s western defense so far the entire collapse.Wu Huawen’s uprising, for the defense of the city “quartermaster” Yin Xihe, is a fatal blow, because Yin Xihe grasped the fourth army station all in the xicheng defense area, here stored a lot of ammunition, food, oil and other materials, Wu Huawen rate does not defect, so that the fourth army station lost the last shelter.The fourth Army depot without shelter was soon occupied by our PLA troops, and the ammunition, food, oil and other materials in the fourth army depot thus became the spoils of war of our PLA troops.And in the fourth army command post Yin Xihe heard that the People’s Liberation Army occupied the fourth army station, for this grievance, cursed Wu Huawen, but he had no way, helpless, just stay in the command.While Yin Xihe was hiding in the command post and sitting in the final battle of the trapped animals, the commandos of the PLA army rushed to his command post and captured Yin Xihe, and he became a prisoner of war.Yin Xihe developed from a prisoner of war into a “special party member” Yin Xihe became a prisoner of war, doubts, for fear of the People’s Liberation Army soldiers to punish him, and came to the east China Military liberation officer training corps, he is preoccupied, not a little vitality.But his idea is obviously unrealistic, he came to the East China Military Area liberation officer training corps, discipline and the PLA cadres preferential treatment, whether in life, or in the ideological education, Yin Xihe has received special preferential treatment.This makes Yin Xi and osmosis, ideological and personal cognitive got a very big change, so he in east China regional seminar held on the liberation of an rotc confession, penitence, and said he and Chiang kai-shek group draw the line, he should stand on the side of the people, against Chiang kai-shek.Follow-up, east China military region liaison minister Yang Fan came to the east China military region liberation officer training corps, he gave the nations prisoners of war lectures, make a report, make many nations generals in the ideological change, which includes Yin Xihe.Because Yin Xihe personal transformation situation is done better, east China military area liaison minister Yang Fan will he developed into a “special party member”, secretly sent him to the Kuomintang area to carry out the work of insurrection, organization uprising.In this way, Yin Xihe was sent to Hangzhou to carry out the work, came to Hangzhou, Yin Xihe risked a great risk and danger, escaped the kuomintang juntong spy monitoring, the success of the military joint service headquarters of a military factory to turn over, so that they uprising, will be a complete military factory left,As a result, the PLA troops obtained ready ammunition and industrial factories, and accumulated a large amount of military supplies for the subsequent battles.And Yin Xi and the former national army generals, through this work, became an excellent PEOPLE’s Liberation Army officers and fighters, for my people’s Liberation Army troops follow-up liberation of the country to make their own personal necessary contributions!

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