Another 40 points!He kept going, and Lebron’s scoring crown was up in the air

James state is very good this season, he opened the scoring after heavy eyebrows elder brother injured model, games and scored 25 +, most of the session or scoring 30 +, after returning from injury in heavy eyebrows and James’s continuing the good state, a lot of fans think that because durant suffered injuries, he is likely to exit 58 games due to insufficient appearances and scoring.That boosts James’ hopes of winning the scoring title.But the way a cheng bite gold, while James outbreak open mode, a player also opens the outbreak pattern, and the momentum of the man’s score is more fierce than James, the man in the game today and made 14 of 23 under 40 points, every reached 25 + 20 consecutive games scoring feats, beyond James 19 games in a row,Become the first player to score 25+ points in a row this season.Embiid, who had a rough start to the season but has made a comeback since December, has averaged 31.7 points in 30 games since then, leading the league in scoring over that period. James is second in scoring over that period with 30.5 points.Embiid has shot 51.6 percent during that stretch, and he has put opponents on the run in games where he scored 36 points on 11-for-16 shooting against Toronto, 43 points on 15-for-20 shooting against New Orleans and 50 points on 17-for-23 shooting against Orlando.Thanks to Embiid’s outburst, the Sixers are 20-10 in 30 games.Embiid is averaging 29.3 points per game, ahead of James’ 29.1, and judging from his previous interviews, embiid is aiming to win the MVP this season, which would certainly put James in jeopardy for the rest of the season.

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