Fang Wei moves, HNA executives follow

Two days ago, wing elder brother wrote “buy HNA shares, Fang Wei bold!”The article.After taking over hna Aviation plate, Fang Wei, the actual controller of Hainan Airlines, finally moves.On February 10, *ST HNA announced that fang Wei, the actual controller of the company, planned to increase his stake in the company through the Shanghai Stock Exchange centralized bidding trading system within 6 months from February 10, 2022.The proposed increase is 50 million shares to 100 million shares.With other listed companies to increase the stock is different, fang Wei this increase in ST HNA appears to be rich.One is personal spending.Second, no price range is set.The third is the indefinite cost of funds.More surprise wing elder brother is: February 10 announcement to increase hna shares.That is, on February 11, Fang Wei bought ST HNA shares.On February 11 and 14, 2022, Fang Wei accumulated 50 million shares of the company through centralized bidding, accounting for about 0.15% of the total share capital of the company.Fang Wei’s total control of the equity shares of listed companies increased from 24.95% to 25.10%, more than a quarter of the proportion.To tell the truth, wing elder brother saw so many cases, like Fang Wei action so fast, so vigorous and resolute is really rare.This is probably the biggest difference between private enterprises and state-owned enterprises.In fact, for civil aviation industry, especially airlines, efficiency is very key.True to his word, the boss spent about 100 million yuan to buy 50 million shares.Hna executives are not immune.On the evening of February 14, HNA Holding issued a Notice on the Plan to increase the Shareholding of some directors, supervisors and senior managers of the Company:Chen Ming, Vice Chairman; Xu Jun, Director and President; Wu Xiaoxi, Director and Vice President; Liu Qiang, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; Yang Xinying, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; Xiao Fei, Guo Yun, Zhao Guogang, Cao Jingfei; Gao Jian, Vice President; Zhang Hongqing, Chief Financial Officer; Li Xiaofeng, Vice President and Secretary of the Board; Wang Xinzhen, Director of Security;It plans to increase its stake in HNA through the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s centralized bidding system within 6 months from February 15, 2022.The total number of proposed additional shares is 2.85 million to 5.65 million shares (approximately 0.009% to 0.017% of the company’s total share capital).Like the boss, there is no price range for this increase, which will be implemented according to the price fluctuations of HNA shares and the overall trend of the capital market.Plan to increase the holding as follows: to tell the truth, this wing brother or points praise.No matter what the future trend of HNA is, success or failure, at least such efficiency, such execution is worth every company to learn.

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