Hong Kong’s “Community Link” launched the “Community Solidarity Campaign”

The fifth wave of COVID-19 has arrived in Hong Kong with a vengeance.Since the outbreak, volunteers from the Territory-wide Community Link have provided front-line support to the fight against COVID-19, distributing supplies, assisting in packaging and distribution of rapid test kits, and assisting in the management of community testing stations.On February 15, the “Hong Kong Community Against COVID-19” launched a campaign called “Caring community with One Heart”, calling on all walks of life and the community to unite, donate supplies, raise funds and recruit volunteers to fight the epidemic and protect the health and safety of citizens.Since its establishment in February 2020, the “Hong Kong Community Fight Against COVID-19 link” has been connecting industrial and commercial organizations, community groups, and a group of volunteers to deliver masks and other anti-epidemic supplies to people in need, and provide emergency services to buildings with confirmed cases.A “emotional support hotline” was set up with the support of psychologists and clinical psychiatrists to join hands with the public in the fight against COVID-19.(CCTV reporter Ye Lili zhou Weiqi) Source: CCTV news client

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