Internet bar never banishes “ceng sleep” person, why?Old netizens reveal the reasons behind it

How long has it been since you went to an Internet cafe?More than a decade ago, for many post-80s and post-90s, going to Internet cafes became their first choice for entertainment. As long as there is free time, most people will make an appointment to go online.At that time of the Internet cafe overcrowding, some environment, better configuration of the Internet cafe even appeared a machine difficult to find the situation.According to the statistics report on The Development of The Internet in China, by June 2021, the number of People using the Internet in China had reached 1.011 billion, and the penetration rate of the Internet reached an astonishing 71.6%.Behind this series of data, is the embodiment of people’s continuous pursuit of spiritual entertainment enjoyment.In order to deal with such a huge demand for the Internet, the number and scale of Internet cafes are constantly growing and expanding, open all over the streets, even Jay Zhou invested 20 million in Shenzhen opened a named “magic Jie e-sports” high-end Internet cafes.So the Internet bar industry that develops so quickly can maintain sustained explosion development?Why?Why does net cafe not expel “ceng sleep” person again?Old netizens reveal the reason behind it.In recent years, with the development of society, mobile phones and mobile games are constantly launched and updated, the Internet bar industry market has suffered a great impact.Coupled with the gradual prosperity of the economy, every family can configure their own computers at home, going to Internet cafes has not been the first choice of entertainment.In order to save less and less customers, the Internet bar industry volume serious, began to the Internet bar underwent a drastic transformation and upgrading.In this industry competition, the number of Internet cafes is decreasing.According to the day eye check data shows, in 2020, the number of revocation of Internet cafes related enterprises is 3638, the number of cancellation is 9250, a total of 12888 closed.By February 2021, the total number of existing businesses in China was 124,818.Can withstand the test of the market is the basic hardware configuration of high-end, good environment, excellent service of large high-end Internet cafes.Second, the upgrade of Internet cafes is the first mode of change, now walk in the city has been difficult to see the word “Internet cafes”, most of the Internet cafes have been to the network cafe mode transformation.The Internet environment has been greatly improved, once in the Internet cafe dirty messy, smoky situation no longer exist.The seats in cyber cafes are no longer cheap and shabby chairs, but comfortable sofas and esports chairs.Rules and regulations have also been greatly improved, people without ID cards cannot access the Internet, and service personnel have improved their services qualitatively.Next, the computer configuration of Internet bar also had greatly upgrade, for the family that has a computer in a lot of homes, the computer of Internet bar and Internet atmosphere are also better than in the home.At the same time, the Internet cafe has set up more spacious private rooms and booths for different users, as well as a special beverage area and food area, with a variety of food and drink, and you can directly order in the system.No longer like the traditional Internet cafes need to fetch, and only simple instant noodle drinks and cheap snacks.For most consumers, online cafes are now a place worth relaxing and enjoying.Whether it is the traditional Internet cafe in the past, or the upgraded net cafe, I believe that many people who like to go to Internet cafes to surf the Internet and play games all night will find such a strange phenomenon — “sleeping”.Every night or early morning, there are always a few people in the corner of the Internet cafe open the computer, do not play directly lying on the chair to sleep.What’s more, some people can’t even open the computer, so they just lie down and sleep when they enter the Internet cafe.Confusingly, the owners and staff of Internet cafes know these people exist, but they never take the initiative to drive them away, and even the staff will take the initiative to help these people clean the surrounding sanitation.Some people are still confused.The seats of Internet cafes are occupied by these people, will certainly affect the income of Internet cafes, why not the boss of these “ceng sleep” people away?Some old netizens explained the reasons behind this.Four, Internet cafes do not catch the reason for the first, choose to sleep in Internet cafes, most of them are in this Internet cafe consumption of regular customers.If the boss at this time to catch people, light will affect the relationship between the two sides, heavy will also cause disputes, and eventually lead to these people no longer come back to consume, and even affect the reputation of Internet cafes, Internet cafes business has no small impact.Therefore, the owner of Internet cafes and staff generally do not disturb the people in Internet cafes “sleeping”.Secondly, sleepers can bring some popularity to Internet cafes.As one who often goes to Internet cafes, we all know that the most important indicator to judge the quality of an Internet cafe is to see how many people surf the Internet inside.If there are a lot of people surfing the Internet, it proves that there must be something special about the Internet cafe. Either the computers are well equipped, or the service is good, or the environment is superior.And if inside is cold and clear, prove this net cafe has a lot of problems, attract not popularity.As a result, the owners of Internet cafes will not drive away the sleepers, but even provide good service.Because they are the god of wealth in the store, to bring popularity to Internet cafes, attract more people to come here to the Internet.Third, sleepers can bring extra business to Internet cafes.As we all know, the Internet bar not only provides Internet service, but also sells a variety of drinks, delicacies and snacks.Even though the people who come to sleep in Internet cafes are not online, they are still hungry as a human being.Once that happens, it’s a potential business for Internet cafes.These people are most likely to buy food and drinks in Internet cafes out of convenience.As the profit of catering itself is relatively large, so the owner of Internet cafes or can get a good income.Fourth, for Internet cafes, now the consumption environment has been different from the past, the Internet cafe entertainment consumption fanatical pursuit of fewer and fewer people.Instead of leaving seats empty, Internet cafe owners might as well leave some empty seats for sleepers.At the same time, they can also make themselves in the fierce competitive environment for a place.The above four points are the reasons summarized by netizens. It is because of the above four points that the owners and staff of Internet cafes do not take the initiative to drive out these sleepers, and even hope that this situation will happen more.Conclusion: Internet bar as a once popular industry, brought us a lot of joy and memory.However, with the development of society, the continuous popularity of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products, the impact of mobile phone games and the ever-accelerating pace of life, as well as the serious phenomenon inside the industry have made many Internet cafes gradually face the crisis of elimination.But the crisis always breeds new hope and opportunity, I believe that smart Internet bar practitioners will find more way out.It can even be combined with the current hot concepts of e-sports, VR, motion sensing, meta-universe, etc., to create a new concept of entertainment and renew the vitality of the new “Internet bar”.In addition to keeping those sleepers, we will also bring back those of us who do not sleep.Do you like surfing the Internet in the net bar?How often do you go there now?

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