Previous years, central South University mechanical postgraduate examination high score experience sharing

Hello, everyone. It’s my great honor to have this opportunity to share my postgraduate entrance examination experience with you.First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a student of the School of Mechanical Engineering. I applied for the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering of The School of Mechanical Engineering of Central South University.First of all, I’d like to talk about my first experience.One’s deceased father grind politics because I specialized course content more, so I started the political is not early, early September began to spend 1-2 hours every afternoon see Tom teacher online classes, video and then brush chapter 1000 questions on the corresponding title, personally think that online classes do brush chapter chapter topic’s effect is obviously better than pure see video.Then the online course suggested to look at the Part of Ma Yuan, because ma Yuan part really need to look at the online course to help understand, other parts of the online course if the time is not enough, there is no need to look at the textbook is enough, THE textbook I use teacher Xu Tao’s core test plan (leave more time to brush again 1000 questions it is not sweet).Because I have students around the video all watched, the last 1000 questions only brush again regret.I brushed the 1000 question twice, the ma Yuan part of 1000 question three times, and finally the political choice question 45.In addition to recommend leg sister’s skills class (two brush 1000 questions can be used), to improve the rate of multiple choice is helpful, I think I can test 80 is also due to see the skills of the class.I’ll start memorizing multiple choice questions with sprints on my legs around November.Then I’ll do the political simulation. I’d better do more of the simulation to broaden my horizons.Finally is such as shaw four hand began to crazy back, back to the first two sets, until the exam.For this course of politics, the most important is multiple choice, so it is not recommended to start early. If you have enough time, you can start in August. It is not recommended to start any earlier.English has always been my good subject, and I got a good score in English because I had a good foundation before.My English is early about March began to use software to remember words.If the foundation is not good (especially the students who take an English test), you can take a look at the teacher Tang Chi’s online class. If English is good, it is very easy to lay the foundation in the early stage and do not touch the real topic before summer vacation.I started to do the English real exam in the middle of July, and I have a special habit of doing the real exam. The following link is my method of doing the English real exam, you can have a try.Do not blindly pursue speed in English reading, do not have to do reading before September.Then, for the test of English two students should not brush English one real question this problem, I suggest that we brush, I did English one reading questions and then to do English two reading basically no wrong, can be more effortless.Still remember before taking an examination in recent years to do the simulation of the time, a set of all objective questions on the wrong a cloze, that would really have a “list of mountains small” feeling of excitement.For example, I obviously felt that the difficulty of the English No.2 test in the 21st exam was increased and my vocabulary was not enough. If I had not done the English NO.1 test before, I might not be able to adapt to the difficulty.Then say about the composition, I use Wang Jiangtao for documents, composition is divided into small composition and big composition, I think the template of the small composition is must be back, the best big composition back, back template is the most important is to internalize their own things.I began to carry the composition back in October, suggest early start, otherwise to the back may not finish more panic.Mathematics takes an examination of grind in science and engineering course mathematics is the most important, basically mathematics is steady steady half even more.Here are some of my suggestions: 1. I personally prefer to read a book several times rather than buy multiple resource books and swipe through them.And there is an advantage to doing so, the first time to mark the wrong questions and not the question, the second time only brush these questions, can improve efficiency and more targeted.I went through li Yongle’s review book, online counseling notes and Zhang Yu’s 1000 questions twice, trying my best to understand each question.2. I do not recommend or object to Teacher Zhang Yu’s exercise set. You can use it according to your personal preference and effect.For his eight sets of volumes and four sets of volumes I suggest to do, so as to improve the ability to resist pressure, exercise mentality, really to the examination room will not be too panic encountered problems, especially for the difficult 22 years of postgraduate entrance examination mathematics.3 learning line generation suggested using Li Yongle’s intensive class video and his guidance notes, at the same time learning line generation can do high number, don’t finish learning high number and forget.4. Talk about a problem many people have in the later period, that is, the topic will be but will make some elementary mistakes.This problem requires conscious correction and training, and can be changed if you want to.It is recommended to try to understand yourself, to sum up in which aspects of their prone to make low-level mistakes, is filling in the blank, choice, or big questions, is easy to copy wrong numbers, look at the wrong options, or simply wrong calculation, etc., there will always be a discovery.As long as fully understand, even low-level mistakes, probably not out of their own expectation.What we need to do is consciously self-training. We can build confidence in our problem-solving ideas and calculation ability by focusing on the process. Confidence here refers to the confidence in the process, which means that “I have a clear impression of every step of the process, and I have deliberately avoided mistakes”.Later can find a topic, slowly and carefully, don’t care about time, ensure that each step you have to solve the problem clear impression, so even if find errors, also can quickly back to a step in the process of to solve the problem, you can do it in this a problem full of confidence to do at all, that is you in simulation test and examination room should keep status at ordinary times.From my perspective at that time, the basic questions will be able to 120 gap here.This is my advice to those of you who are prone to making stupid mistakes, and I hope it can inspire you.The professional course of mechanical and Electrical Engineering college of Central South University is 971 mechanical design, although the name is mechanical design, but there will be about 30% of the content of mechanical principle in the real problem, so there are more content to learn, these two courses also happen to be the third and second semester of the study.My score of specialized courses is relatively low, but I hope to put forward my own suggestions.My professional class passed teaching material and data twice, the real topic brushed twice.The reason that the individual thinks the mark is not high may have: 1. Before facing an examination, a little too pursue to brush professional course simulation, and ignored the real subject and teaching material is the most important material of professional course.Before the test did not return to the basis, make up for their knowledge holes, resulting in the test when some slightly partial points of knowledge points remember not too clear.2. I was not in good condition in the afternoon of the professional course, which was probably caused by the large amount of mathematical calculation in the morning. At that time, the first big question of the professional course was the degree of freedom, and the type of the graph was almost unknown before.Others finally talk about the summary and personal perception.The entrance exam is not just about learning ability or hard work.In this process will encounter a variety of problems, need to be flexible to solve their own.For example, emotional management is very important, there are anxiety in the process of preparing for the exam, there are all kinds of unexpected emotional fluctuations is very normal, do not have to restrain the outburst of emotions, use their own way to control the emotions, do not be controlled by emotions.For similar problems, a big reason is lack of confidence, the so-called confidence is probably, clearly know what you want, and believe that you have the ability to achieve it, and confidence is built by success over and over again.In the whole course of taking an examination of one’s deceased father grind, arrive from last year March this year April, I also be felt oneself grow, in understanding and recognize oneself on the road closer step.The lessons learned in this process are not just those in textbooks.Life is a test, postgraduate entrance examination is just a node in life, we will face greater challenges and wonderful in the future.For me, the final result is not the most important thing. What I really hope to have is the free and easy way to face difficulties and the courage to move forward indomitable in the future.All experiences in life, good or bad, are wealth.I also want to thank those who sincerely support and accompany me all the way, all the beautiful and moved, everything, all in my heart.Stars don’t ask passers-by, time comes to him who waits.Finally, I wish the younger students who take an examination of postgraduate study, especially those who really pay efforts and talented people, can get ashore!

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