WBG puts an end to EDG’s undefeated myth, the Shy Gwen cut five

Recently LPL war resumed, ushered in the hot battle WBG vs EDG.On one side is the WBG with strong operation ability at all positions after running in.On one side is S11 champion EDG, how exciting will the two teams bring us?Tempers flared in the first inning, with center fielder on the road.SAN Gun brother male gun into the wild area harassment SOFM, then WBG on the timely support, anti-kill EDG on two people.Then it was Viper’s turn to make a mistake in the middle of the game. He tried to save the team too much and made a mistake in front of E successively, and then was opened by ON hammer stone.Viper was killed twice in a row, making EDG powerless.Although losing the game, Viper played his best output and tried his best!WBG vs EDG game 2 The Shy teamed up with Sofm Highland Game 2 5 The Shy chose the Gators line against Gwynn in game 2.It is obvious that the road has become the focus of the competition, sofm team and jiejie blind monk put strategic emphasis on the road, but SOFm team is better.Helped the Shy to gain an advantage for many times, and even staged a one-five-cut operation on the shy in the road highland, with sofM troops coming in and destroying EDG completely.Sofm can be said to control the field, SOFM people such as into the territory of no one, fierce open group to defeat EDG.WBG easily beat EDG 2-0.Sofm WBG is definitely having a good time, whether the Shy, sofm, on all have a wonderful play.The Shy stage again famous scene classic a dozen 5, SOFM troops rushed without injury, ON precision hammer stone Q open group EDG key people.Can say seriously play WBG is really strong!EDG also broke unbeaten gold, hope both teams can continue to cheer!The Shy is a casual gamer who likes league of Legends and LPL.Let’s share LPL fun!Progress together!Pull the article to the top, there is a “concern” bosses click on it!Follow me to share LPL fun ~

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