Zhangzhou added 2 “Family Education Guidance stations”

Xiangcheng “family education instruction workstation” was established.Journal of fujian, fujian new client on February 24 (reporter Li Miaozhu) on February 22, the intermediate people’s court of zhangzhou, zhangzhou, under the guidance of All-China Women’s Federation XiangCheng, yong man courts, women’s federation, the civil affairs bureau and other departments, a drug in a city marriage registration service center was founded and the yong man district people’s court “family education ZhiDaoZhan”.Longwen district “family education guidance station” was established.It is reported that the family education guidance station set family education guidance, minors involved in the behavior correction, mental health counseling, the rule of law publicity and other functions in one.Next step, the intermediate people’s court in zhangzhou, zhangzhou, women’s federations to family education ZhiDaoZhan as an opportunity, the establishment of a joint family education guidance work linkage mechanisms, integration of family, school, legal and social forces, jointly explore new patterns of family education guidance work to guide the whole society pay attention to family, family education, family trait, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors,We will make greater contributions to promoting social harmony and stability.Source: New Fujian

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