Beijing couple’s 24 square meters apartment is very popular. They insist on danshere, do not make TV wall, and the whole house is simple and beautiful

Beijing has so a middle-aged couple, originally a set of more than 80 ㎡ old house, spent more than 20 years, the couple have two children, children is a son, and the second child is a daughter, two children have to work now, son in shenzhen struggle, daughter is closer to choose from parents, in Beijing to find a good job,After all, parents are older, usually can take more care of their parents, girls are more careful about family.Because two children are busy work, and each have their own house, basic will not come back to live, the couple who think this old house is too old, you can choose to buy a set of 24 ㎡ apartment, although the house is small, but two people feel very comfortable to live in, when decorating, two people to break from do not do TV wall, decoration effect is very impressive,Her daughter took the picture and posted it on the Internet, where it went viral.The door model map before and after decorating this is the door model map that before decorating and after decorating splicing together.More convenient contrast before and after the decoration of the different, you can see the whole or more unique, but do not change the soup, on the whole or partial to the rectangle, the front door position in the upper right of the door diagram, from the decoration of the door diagram or more intuitive can be seen the general division of the structure of the door.After porch comes in from front door, right hand side is the door of a white, this position is toilet, what can already see a whole set of houses to decorate type roughly from porch graph, compare contracted atmosphere.The wall of porch place is the ligneous wall of light color, above dimly can see the grain of log, the decorative pattern of the floor is more, but such can dilute original drab feeling, the place all round the ceiling presents an arc, and have a lot of decorative pattern, bring a few artistic breath to the person.The droplight modelling of porch upper part is very distinctive, but have a kind of touch restoring ancient ways.The kitchen may be warm color because of the scenery of the house, so the picture of the kitchen contains the feeling of a kind of autumn, as if to add a filter, hearth is presented to give L form roughly, but actually the shape is more irregular.What hearth uses is wooden flat plate, up and down is the ambry of whole body white, can use to place tableware kitchenware and so on.And as can be seen from the picture, the wall between the upper and lower cabinets is dark blue checked, divided by white lines.An embedded kitchen is being placed on hearth, look from the surface only very thin one, the gas stove of such style saves a space very much, also more beautiful, go up on the shelf of a two layer on the side, a few condiments are being put above, a small blackboard is hanging on the wall of hearth upper part, serve as adornment.Between the cabinets to the left of the counter is a built-in oven that can be used to make bread, biscuits and so on.Restaurant you can see on the wall of the kitchen has a hollow area, this area can be used to hold a table, the table has three sides are tightly on the wall, next to the left side with two stools, modelling of eat chair is more unique high chairs, sitting up after can give a person a kind of feeling as if place oneself in the bar counter, the table is a rectangle,The area of the desktop is still relatively spacious, and the two legs below the table are respectively a cabinet. The space of the cabinet is relatively narrow, and the things that can be placed are still relatively limited.Mensal upper part installed on the wall of the wall cabinet, cabinet stand is divided into four cabinet, cupboard door is glass, can see inside place, between the ark and the ceiling of the remaining space can also be used to buy things, there are a few frames, on the picture on the wall on the side of cabinet installation with a round wall clock.Can see the place should have the sofa, sitting room sat is actually a single bed, twin beds have a wall with the kitchen space, there is a window on the wall, is mainly played a decorative effect, and the wall next to have a curtain, curtain, most of them are dark blue, the lower part is only a small number of location is black, so won’t appear too drab.Can see from the picture, the wall facing the sitting room between porch and kitchen is sticking a sticker, there are a lot of leaves being painted above, decorative pattern is richer.The floors in the kitchen and living room are wooden, providing a sharp contrast to the entrance.The wall of the position of the head of a bed in the middle to install a window, can increase indoor light transmittance, and the curtain is folding, shading degree is more good, windowsill putting a potted plant, below the window of the wall a little short, placed inside a fan radiator, placed next to the head of a bed with a wooden ark, because the house space is limited, so there is no production of TV wall.Toilet can see, lavabo lower part is not the bath ark of floor type, upper part still found a place for enchased type to a cabinet without a door, can use to place things that wash gargle.Wash one’s hands pool is the closestool of a Mosaic type to the right, such closestool is very convenient clean.The shower is to the left of the sink, with an opaque glass door between the sink to prevent water from splashing out.# MyHome 2022

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