Danish athletes praise Beijing Winter Olympics: ‘It’s the best Olympics ever.

“It’s so cool to be part of these Olympics.”Danish speed skater Victor Thorup posted a video diary on the social media platform YouTube on Monday, praising the Beijing Winter Olympics in many ways, saying that it was the best Olympics ever and he was shocked by the Games.Victor first praised the volunteers in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village, saying that smiling volunteers make life boring for everyone in the closed loop.”For me, the most special thing about the Beijing Olympics, besides being the best Winter Olympics in the world, is the volunteers.You can feel their happiness all the time, they are helpful, they make you happy, they help you and they appreciate you, they always wish the athletes have a good time in China.””They are a part of the games that we will never forget,” Mr. Victor said.Victor was also impressed by the “buses” and shopping malls in the village.”The whole Village is a small city and there are buses that are open 24 hours a day and you can go anywhere by bus. It’s very convenient and it’s very nice.”Victor also mentioned the underground shopping mall of the Olympic Village, saying that there are many interesting things in the mall, including haircuts, shopping, food and VR game rooms. “Life here will not be monotonous, you will have fun.””The lights in the Village are never turned off. Everything is open 24/7.You can eat whatever you want whenever you want, you can go to the gym at 3am.””There are few novel coronavirus systems in the Beijing Village under closed loop control,” He said. “Athletes take nucleic acid tests every day, monitor their temperature every day and keep an eye on their physical condition. All these things make us feel safe, we can interact with others safely.”The 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will come to a successful conclusion on Saturday night.Athletes, officials, experts and scholars from many countries were deeply impressed by the efficient epidemic prevention measures, the concept of scientific and technological hosting, the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of volunteers and the stories of solidarity and friendship during the games.They all said that the Beijing Winter Olympics demonstrated extraordinary sportsmanship, gathered the power of solidarity and friendship, and sent a hopeful message to the world.Bosnian luger Mirza Nikolayev, who became an Internet sensation after his mischievous winking expression was captured on TV during the opening ceremony, said he was filled with good memories despite missing out on a medal at the Winter Olympics.”At any time in the Olympic Village, everyone I met was smiling and made me feel at home!””I’m having a great time in Beijing,” said Turkish short track speed skater Fulcan Akar. “The Olympic Village is fun and I love the food.”‘The staff here are very helpful and everything in the Village is first class and excellent,’ said Akar coach Igaliyev.Erdem Dogan, sports director of the Turkish National Olympic Committee, said the quarantine measures for the Beijing Winter Olympics are very scientific and ensure that athletes can train and compete in a safe environment.China has set up advanced equipment both in the venues and in the living areas, making the Games full of science and technology.Doan also praised the volunteers for their enthusiasm and professionalism. “The volunteers here are unparalleled,” he said.Romanian veteran Larluka Stramaturalu, 36, competed in the team luge event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Beijing was the best Olympics I’ve ever participated in,” he said.Martin Begino, head of Argentina’s Delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said that China attaches great importance to the preparation and organization of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which is well organized and the organizing committee patiently listens to the feedback of different delegations and solves problems in a timely manner.”The Beijing Winter Olympics deserve the highest praise. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has fulfilled its promise to present the world with a green, inclusive, open and clean Winter Olympics.”Yevgeny Zaitsev, director of the Russia-China Research Center in the Department of journalism at Moscow State University, said.In his view, the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More united” was further interpreted in Beijing, and the sportsmanship of athletes who overcame various difficulties and pushed the envelope inspired the world.In the curling mixed doubles round robin, The story of Chinese players Fan Suyuan, Ling Zhi and the US team exchanging gifts after the match made Gerald Mbanda, a Rwandan journalist, remember for a long time.He said the heartwarming story was the best expression of sportsmanship, and such stories also sent a strong message that the Olympic spirit is about friendship, unity and peace.Kimo Sommi, emeritus professor of sport planning at the School of Sport Sciences at Uvskuli University in Finland, said the Beijing Winter Olympics sent a hopeful message to the world that people could forget their worries and enjoy such a global sporting event despite the coronavirus pandemic.Yuba Nath Ramsar, former chief editor of The New Nepal newspaper, said that by successfully hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics, China has once again demonstrated its excellent ability to prepare for and organize the games.Beijing, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) — Editor of the column: Zhang Wu The author of this article: Overseas network editor: Yang Rong Title photo source: Creative photo editor: Yong Kai

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