Ding Xiaoying has been replaced as the role of the blue bird in The Snow

“Snow fierce sword line” is everyone’s favorite ancient fantasy drama, starring Hu Jun and Zhang Ruoyun, and starring Li Gengxi, Gao Weiguang, Qiu Xinzhi, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Tianchen, Li Chun, Ding Xiaoying, Dong Yan, Liao Huijia, Sun Yali, Meng Ziyi, Zhang Tianaite, Liu Duanduan, etc.In addition to the luxurious cast, the show has received rave reviews for its seamless plot and very good fighting scenes.With the hot broadcast of the TV series “The Fierce Knife in the Snow”, the netizens’ “The Fierce Knife in the Snow 2” has also begun to start, the animation version has successfully ended yesterday, and the same name mobile game published by photon Studio is also about to go online.But the most concerned users are not the game is not anime, the most concerned or whether the leading role will be replaced.The first two leading actors will not be replaced, as Hu Jun and Zhang Ruoyun are both signed long-term contracts.Leading actress Jiang Ni (Played by Li Gengxi) has been replaced, but the show did not disclose the reason, possibly because of the popularity of the show.If you were to choose the most popular male and female leads in The movie, the most popular male lead would be Zhang Ruoyun, and the most popular female lead would be Ding Xiaoying, who plays The Blue Bird.Blue bird – Ding Xiaoying Ding Xiaoying as the blue bird is really the original party’s imagination performance incisively and vividly, is a very heroic girl.Unfortunately, she won’t be able to star in The Snow 2. As for the role of Bluebird, it will be Played by Muchen Li.Li Mu Chen li Mu Chen is a native of Shanghai, filmed “e-sports era”, “Ghost Blows out the Light of yellow Leather”, “and then who”, “Full time Master”, “Kyushu · Sky city II” and other works, popularity is not very good, acting or can.But this challenge blue bird this role, really let me for her pinched sweat, if not good, estimated to be scolded miserably!Li Muchen

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