Envision Plus offers $2,500 for a limited time

Rongcheng Mei Rongda Buick presents in February!Many low-priced models are waiting for you to grab!Extra discount for online booking!Old customers introduce new customers to enjoy exclusive gift package!Financial instalments 12 to 60!Luxury big 7 seat SUV Buick Anco flag, welcome to the store taste!Powertrain 8 years or 160,000 km warranty!For more information: 7623777!The promotion period is from February 7th, 2022The latest offer of Avenir Plus model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Weihai offer Avenir Avea seven-seat edition 309,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 284,900 yuan 295,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 279,900 yuan 652TSeven luxurious models 262,900 yuan 252,500 yuan 227,900 yuan 652T five elite models 229,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 204,900 yuan 652TSeven four-wheel drive luxury model 273,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 248,900 yuan 652T five four-wheel drive luxury model 263,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 238,900 yuan 552T five luxury model 235,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 210,900 yuan

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