Maggie Jiaqi, 46, was ridiculed for being old and outdated when she filmed a video with her pet dog

On February 4, veteran actress Maggie Jiaqi (also known as Maggie Fangqiao), 46, posted an update to her social media account.These two years, many Hong Kong stars back to the mainland development, Mai Jiaqi is one of them.However, before the Spring Festival, she was back home with her family.Maggie shared a video she took with her dog at home, adding cute filters and music to make it more fun.Dressed in pink, with her hair tied up, she looks home-like.She cuddled a light-colored dog in her arms and kissed each other in a loving way, showing how much she doted on the dogs.Fans saw the video and left comments like it.Unexpectedly, a sarcastic Internet user called Maggie old and outdated.Normally, Maggie does not respond to such malicious comments, but this time she is rare to fight back against each other. Don’t look!Net friend unexpectedly did not shut up, but continue to sneer at way, saw ah, unlucky.Maijiaqi then said, Big New Year’s day, oneself incantation oneself, you cow.To be honest, even normal people would get angry if netizens kept provoking her. Maggie’s response was very restrained. It is obvious that her personality has changed a lot in recent years and she is not as impulsive as before.Mai jiaqi participated in the Hong Kong sister beauty contest in her early years. At that time, she was beautiful and good-looking, and she was a big hit at that time.Although she did not get a good ranking in the end, she was still selected by the TV station and signed a contract to make her debut as an artist. She has participated in many films and TV dramas.However, her subsequent development is not ideal, the reason is related to her personality.When she interviewed ever self-exposed, young when she, opinionated, bad-tempered, no cultivation, offended many people, your performing arts career development is general, once no income, life is very hard up.Fortunately, many loyal people in the entertainment industry helped her through the worst period, including Yuan Yongyi, who often asked her to go out, and Yuan Qiongdan, who took her to see a psychiatrist.In 2006, Maggie and lawyer Wang Kwok-hao married, become a carefree rich lady.However, the happy days did not last long, she suffered from postpartum depression due to the birth of a baby, often with her husband and children in trouble.Gradually, the couple’s feelings appeared problems, tried to live apart for half a year.Maggie’s mother-in-law is a very sensible, strong analytical people, she does not want to see her son and daughter-in-law’s marriage broken, so they are very patient to analyze problems with them, teach them to accept each other’s shortcomings.Under the guidance of her mother-in-law, Maijiaqi temper convergence a lot, slowly become a gentle person, not because of a little things on the big temper.

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