Olympic torch bearer THOUGHTS on Green Olympics: Pass the baton!(China Environment)

The torch for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games passes through the Summer Palace in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 4, 2018.Lu Shize, director of the Atmosphere Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, was the 22nd torchbearer at the Summer Palace.Lu started the relay at 9:17 a.m. In nearly one minute, he jogged for about 80 meters, holding the lit torch.”The Summer Palace relay site is still a little cold, but my heart is hot because of the Winter Olympics.”Speaking about the relay for one minute, Lu shize was very excited.Photo: Olympic torchbearer Lui Sezer at the torch relay site.Lu Shize was selected as a torchbearer for the 2022 Winter Olympics in mid-January, after several rounds of selection.Recalling his feelings at that time, he said, “Besides being excited, I feel great honor and pride to be a torchbearer of the Winter Olympics.This glory not only belongs to myself, but also to my colleagues in air management and to every eco-environmentalist.”Green Hosting of the Olympic Games is the first concept of Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Lu said the Winter Olympics is not only a platform to present China’s image to the international stage, but also an opportunity to show China’s achievements in ecological progress and air pollution control in recent years.”In recent years, through the implementation of the Action Plan for Preventing and Controlling Air Pollution, the Three-year Action Plan for Winning the Battle against Blue Skies, and the comprehensive action for tackling air pollution in autumn and winter, we have made remarkable progress in improving air quality across the country, especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surrounding areas, as well as in the Fenhe And Weihe plains.To carry the torch under the blue sky today is to personally enjoy the achievements of our governance for many years, and I feel a sense of achievement.””Lu added.Lu Shize at the torch relay site.Lu Shize has been engaged in atmospheric management for more than 10 years.As the director of the Atmospheric division of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, he has been commuting by bike for two years, with a total distance of 6,000 kilometers.According to incomplete statistics, more than 90 percent of officials and employees of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment have signed up for the green Cycling campaign since it was launched in October 2021.In one month, the total mileage of cycling was 40,000 kilometers and carbon reduction reached 10 tons.”I also want to make good use of the ‘green’ concept for the Winter Olympics,” lu said, “integrating the concept of ecological civilization with the Olympic spirit. I hope that more people will choose to travel in a green way and bring about a green wind of low-carbon life.I also wish the athletes to work hard, enjoy the games and achieve great results!”Torch runner Lui Seze (right) and Zhang Junjie carry the torch.Xinhua/Chen Yehua Chinese environmental journalist Xue Liping

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