The product that ended the Era of Steve Jobs has been officially discontinued, sparking memories on the Internet

A recent news that “iPad 4 will be discontinued” has caused a lot of netizens to reminisce about their youth.Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that “the biggest drawback of the iPad is its durability”. Many users said that their ipads 2 and 3, which they bought more than a decade ago, boot up normally, not to mention the iPad 4.Since the iPad quality is so good, this “production disruption” is how to return a responsibility?Let the professor talk about it.Apple officially has a list of products it has ever sold: this list of products is called “obsolete” and once your product is on this list, Apple will no longer provide any hardware services for it, even if you want to pay for repairs.Mac laptops that qualify for extended battery maintenance are an exception.We can also see from other netizens’ comments that while the iPad 4 is durable, electronics are consumables, and as technology develops, outdated products are increasingly difficult to run.Its demise is no surprise, as a product that used to smoothly run classic games like Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja and give us so many memories of our youth has become nothing more than a video-watching, mouth-covered instant noodle.The iPad 4, which was released in 2012, has not been added to the discontinued list until now. Apple usually refers to a product that is five to seven years old as “aged”, meaning that it is obsolete after seven years.The iPad 4 has survived for a decade, and even within Apple, we have to say, it’s very popular.From a pure hardware standpoint, though, the iPad 4 isn’t much of a “great” generation.The tablet, released in 2012, has no obvious improvement over its predecessor. It has a 9.7-inch screen, a 5-megapixel camera and the same appearance. The biggest highlight is the new Lightning port.This is the first time for Apple to use Lightning port on iPad, thus solving many troubles caused by different ports on mobile phones and tablets.Of course, a few years later, when Apple released the iPad Pro in October 2018, the days of phone and tablet ports were back.Jokes like “productivity before you buy, iQiyi after you buy” also became popular after the release of the iPad Pro.In the early years of the iPad, it was all about watching TV and playing games.This has both software constraints, but also the limitations of the hardware conditions of the year.For today’s iPad Pro, the new iPad Pro even uses the same M1 chip as MacBook, with appropriate accessories, such as green Wireless mouse, 1000-4000 four-way DPI, more accurate positioning than touch, easier to edit or work, bluetooth connection is stable and convenient.That said, the attachment to the iPad 4 is understandable, even if the device is always new and good.Apple fans have a deep memory for Steve Jobs, and the iPad 4, the first tablet released after Jobs’ death, has been called “the end of the Era of Steve Jobs”. It comes at a time when many Chinese consumers are buying ipads in large numbers, and for many, it is their first iPad device.Remember what was the first iPad you ever saw?

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