Xu Nanji: Stand up the “hard backbone” of industry and run out of “double acceleration”

February 16, the city’s industrial innovation and development three year action mobilization conference was held.Party secretary Xu Na attend and delivered a speech, he stressed that the whole city to firmly grasp “a demonstration be first” goal request, in-depth implementation of yi lian, secretary of provincial party committee of the red spoke eagle research in spirit, in the spirit of ambition and competition like the eagle, the residents want to have big as high morale, to strive for a new era of “first class” determination,Adhere to the target does not relax, vigorously grasp the implementation does not slack off, coagulate the heart to gather force does not slack off, and strive to erect the industrial “hard backbone”, run out of multiplication “acceleration”, to provide solid support for the construction of “wisdom copper road, strong rich beautiful excellent” new Yingtan, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory.Mayor Zhang Zijian chaired the meeting.Huang Jinlong, Guo Qing, Huang Yun, Wang Yaqing, Yan Hua, Xiao Guojun, CAI Jiang, Chu Xiaotao, Wang Xiong and other city four sets of team leaders, the city law inspection “two long”, Yingtan High-tech Zone Party working Committee secretary, the city four sets of team secretary to attend the meeting.Vice Mayor Yu Hongyan delivered a report on the industrial development of the city in 2021, deploying the action of doubling industrial innovation and development in three years.Xu Nanji pointed out that we should unify our thinking, build consensus and unswervingly implement the action of doubling industry in three years.Yingtan industry has a foundation, heritage, characteristics, more future, more potential, Yingtan because of industry and prosperity, the future will be strong because of industry.The whole city should strengthen the sense of urgency, sense of responsibility and mission of “focusing on industry, recruitment and strong”, understanding and strengthening, thought and unity, strength and confidence, focus on industrial breakthroughs, concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, to promote the economic development of industrial speed, to achieve a big leap across the Yingtan industry.Xu Nanji stressed, to highlight the focus, precise hair force, to build a new industrialized advanced city.It is necessary to focus on the goal and requirement of “making demonstration and fighting for the first place”, and focus on the seven critical battles of “industrial upgrading, enterprise cultivation, investment doubling, park upgrading, innovation speeding up, digital enabling and service upgrading” in the whole city, and actively build a “2+N” modern industrial system dominated by copper-based new materials and Internet of Things industry.By 2024, the operating revenue of the whole manufacturing industry chain will reach more than 700 billion yuan, and the comprehensive strength of industrial economy will be the first in the province.– Building a world-class industrial cluster of copper-based new materials.Centering on the construction of “copper capital of the world”, improve the “eight-in-one” copper industry system, promote the transformation of copper based new materials to high-end, intelligent, green, integration and service, and strive to build the core area of trillion non-ferrous industry cluster in the province.To focus on incremental high-end, anchor the new energy track, serve the province to build trillion-level electronic information industry strategy, make up the short board of listed companies and industry leaders;Focus on total volume and expansion, speed up the construction of Yingtan International Comprehensive Port Economic Zone, make copper futures delivery warehouse bigger and stronger, and improve the construction of copper supply chain financial system;We will focus on technological upgrading, step up technological upgrading, smart manufacturing and green manufacturing.– We will fully implement project No. 1 of the digital economy.To expand the Internet of Things industry, focus on the layout of six industrial chains, comprehensively improve the development volume and quality of the Internet of Things industry chain;We will strengthen the leading role of enterprises, implement the plan to foster innovation-oriented enterprises, fight the battle for key and core technologies, and support enterprises in building themselves into innovation centers.We will speed up the application of scientific and technological achievements. With the focus on building China into an innovative city, we will continue to deepen collaborative innovation between enterprises, universities and research institutes, and promote precise synergy between enterprises and platforms and between technologies and the market.Strengthen industrial talent support, closely meet the talent demand of the “2+N” industry, continuously improve the “Eagle Talent Plan”, deepen the collaboration between schools and enterprises, and the integration of industry and education.– Cultivating and expanding 10-billion-yuan industrial clusters.To vigorously develop the glasses industry, closely around the goal of “100 years of glasses, 10 billion industry”, in strong leading, strong brand, strong innovation, strong trade efforts;Vigorously develop auto parts manufacturing industry, draw industrial investment route map, establish target enterprise information base, speed up the introduction of a number of high-tech, high efficiency, high added value, high quality projects with strong driving force;Vigorously develop big health, energy-saving lighting, miniature components, carving and other characteristic industries, to provide strong support for the industrial development of Yingtan.– Making breakthroughs in recruiting large numbers and attracting strong people.Efforts should be intensified to attract investment. Focusing on building a pilot zone for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, investment promotion should be regarded as a “key move” and the “number one project”, and the location advantages of “good openings” should be transformed into development advantages of great openness at a faster pace.Investment methods should be innovative, precise docking of top 500 enterprises, central and state-owned enterprises, industrial “head enterprises”, comprehensive use of a variety of ways, compared with the “industrial investment map”, according to the picture, precise investment;The investment attraction force should be strengthened, and the project attraction should be promoted to achieve great breakthrough under the above rate, and the professional investment attraction team should be selected and matched to continuously improve the actual effect of investment attraction.– Accelerating the bid upgrading of parks.It is necessary to make every effort to increase the total amount, actively implement the “two major actions” plan of the development zone cluster project full park expansion and the “two major actions” plan of the management of the two types and the three industrialization, and strive to make the operating income of the development zone exceed 600 billion yuan by 2024.We will strengthen weak links, vigorously implement the three-year action plan for upgrading infrastructure and public service facilities, strengthen supporting functions of industries, and promote integrated development between industry and city.We will promote institutional innovation, explore innovative management models, step up efforts to de-administrate parks, and encourage high-quality resources to converge in parks, so that parks can truly become the main battlefield for economic and social development.Xu Nanji stressed, to strengthen security, practical and efficiency, and strive to highlight the responsibility of the industry “track”.The whole city should deeply understand that “care for industrial enterprises is to care for the future of Yingtan”, truly achieve concentric government and enterprise development, and strive to create new brilliance of Yingtan industry.We must solve the problems of whether party members and leading officials at all levels want, know, can, and dare to “focus on industry”, encourage the trend of learning, learn from books, practice, the masses, and entrepreneurs, and resolutely combat mediocrity in thinking, ability, and work.To solve the problem of industrial development conditions, do a good job in the park “nine access and one level”, improve the supporting services, establish a comprehensive and coordinated promotion mechanism, improve the industrial support mechanism, optimize the evaluation mechanism;We need to solve the problem of ensuring policy elements, and use our brains and ideas in energy consumption, capital and land.We need to address the problem of a business environment, firmly establish the concept that “everyone is a business environment”, strengthen the sense of service, change the concept of service, innovation of service methods, and create a service environment that favors business.Zhang Zijian stressed that words will be delivered, each to cash.The target should be fulfilled, according to the city’s three-year action plan for industrial innovation multiplication, accelerate the decomposition and implementation, to ensure that the full score of the answer paper;Mechanism to cash promises, improve the implementation of industrial operation scheduling, leading point key enterprises, government and enterprise round table, industrial chain chain long system, enterprise commissioner and other systems;Policies should be fulfilled, and supervision on the implementation of policies should be strengthened to ensure the implementation of policies benefiting enterprises such as tax and fee cuts and financial incentives.War is a decisive battle, and war is a decisive victory.Investment attraction war will be decisive, energy mercy to be in place, power arrangement to be strong, investment means to be sincere;Project construction will be decisive, based on key industries, industrial technological transformation, park platform, development of the short board to grasp the project;The battle for a better business environment requires a decisive victory. We will vigorously advance the “No. 1 Reform Project” to improve the business environment, focus on the three-year action plan for improving the business environment, focus on the implementation of 48 key tasks, and strive to make the business environment pioneering and leading.Responsibility really compacted, all brave to take on.It is necessary to strengthen the synergy of work, strengthen the connection and cooperation, and accelerate the construction of a working pattern of “in-depth promotion of cities and counties, horizontal linkage of departments, and mutual coordination of enterprises”.We paid close attention to the implementation of work, made task lists, progress lists, problem lists and responsibility lists one by one, implemented closed-loop management of the whole cycle, scheduled research and evaluation on a regular basis, and made monthly review, quarterly comparison, half-yearly review and annual examination.Strict supervision and assessment, give full play to the “baton” role of assessment, dispatch every week, evaluation every ten days, monthly bulletin, through strong dispatch quickly set off a boom of “focusing on industry, attracting large and strong”.The meeting read out a circular on 2021 excellent and strong industrial enterprises;The decision to commend the city’s advanced units and individuals for promoting the development of non-public economy was read out.Xu Nanji, Zhang Zijian and other leaders presented awards to representatives of enterprises with a scale of 10 billion and 5 billion, excellent and strong industrial enterprises, and advanced representatives of promoting the development of non-public economy.At the meeting, the leaders of Baotai Group and Xinbreui Technology made speeches;Yingtan high-tech zone is mainly responsible for comrade to make a statement, Guixi city, Yujiang district, yuehu district for written speech.Deputy Secretary-general in charge of municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government;Chief (executive) responsible comrade of the leading group of the construction of industrial Strong City;The party and government of each district (city) is mainly responsible for the comrades, in charge of the comrades;In 2021, the person in charge of excellent and strong industrial enterprises, promoting the development of advanced units and advanced individuals in non-public economy;The city directly related units, stationed in the eagle related units main (executive) responsible comrade;In charge of municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, member of municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau team;All team members of Yingtan High-tech Zone, Yingtan (Guixi) Copper Industry Circular Economy Base, Guixi Industrial Park and Yujiang Industrial Park;All team members of development and reform, science and technology, industry and information technology, and commerce departments of each district (city);Township (sub-district) party and government responsible comrades;Persons in charge of regulated industrial enterprises and representatives of non-public economy;About 1,000 commissioners at the city and county levels attended the meeting in the main venue and sub-venue respectively.

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