“Ace troops” : wild boar incident why sorghum only called cattle mancang walk not call gu a wild walk?

Because of the high intensity of training in the company we want to eat meat, sorghum proposed to go to the woods digging wild boar, the picture is sorghum, cattle mancang digging in the pit, gu Yye outside the soil.Then in the middle of the night remember to get up to see the woods is sorghum, he put gu Yanye and cattle mancang up in the middle of the night.Then everyone happily eating pork, the company commander loudly praised sorghum, nomination of only a nomination praise sorghum, everyone applauded, however, before the pig finished eating, the pig was proved to be a pig raised at home, not wild, the fellow very angry, directly to the military district, the incident was required to deal with seriously.Gu Yye, sorghum, cattle mancang stood in the yard, off fellow song Construction to deal with the event, this time sorghum suddenly said: with cattle mancang has nothing to do, I forced him, and then Qin Hanyong took the opportunity to cattle mancang released.In this regard, many users laugh at sorghum hero why not let gu Yanye go together, his heroism is not also points, after all, clearly praised no Gu Yanye, only his sorghum a person.Why do you need to take responsibility when sorghum only called cattle mancang go not called gu a wild go?Let’s try to appreciate it.First of all, niu Mancang is indeed a man without an idea, and indeed sorghum can intimidate and lure niu Mancang, but there is no way to force Gu Yye to do what he does not want to do.Therefore, sorghum said cattle full cang do not say regardless of a wild is true, everyone knows, sorghum around regardless of a wild.Another point, that is, gu a wild do not need to maintain sorghum, gu a wild this role people set very strong, his strong is not sorghum that mouth shout out, but we all know.Third, sorghum may also have the idea of compassion, that is, and gu Ye together more reliable.Niu Mancang need him to save, he helped, however, gu wild do not need, and gu wild together whether character or strength, are more reliable than niu Mancang.Think of the original bomb rail retreat event, cattle mancang in front of the event will choose to be wise, dare to tell the truth only gu Yino, can each other back to back, may only gu Yino.Gu a wild and cattle mancang obviously different ah, cattle mancang completely without self-protection and self-rescue ability, but gu a wild ah, pull gu a wild maybe really can help.Of course, sorghum may start may also hope gu Yino and he said he picked the head, but gu Yino do not want to be this kind of hero, but gu Yino is gu Yino, then gu Yino resolutely choose to assume half the responsibility, but also to leave him a retreat, for cattle mancang, it is not necessarily carry.Gu Yanye is not afraid of pressure, can insist on integrity and reason under pressure, cattle mancang can not.Therefore, “there is no need to bring mortals to fairy Battlefields”.Personal drama essays, welcome to comment.

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