Cats are very clingy when they are young. Why do they become cold when they grow up?The answer is simple!

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that the cat’s personality is generally arrogant and relatively unstable. It may hold your body one minute and then suddenly kick you and run away the next.The manager, who has owned cats since Mimi was a child, said: “Cats are clearly clingy in their childhood, but grow colder and colder as they grow up.”In fact, whether cats are clingy or not is related to the daily survival needs and psychological needs said here.You can quietly think and compare and see if adult cats only communicate when they are hungry or thirsty, come to you when they need to clean the litter, and come to play with you when they are too cold and uncomfortable and bored.For example, if it’s time to eat, or if the water is empty and the body isn’t feeling well, finding a master is a daily necessity for survival.If cats can open cans and their own cat food containers and snack wrappers, they will shovel their own feces and change the litter so they don’t have to remind their owners to do it.They cannot do it themselves, but they must live, so they report to their master, and when they are cold, they come to keep warm.So if your cat sticks to you all winter, don’t be too happy. It’s probably too cold.The psychological need is that the cat feels a little bored and has no fun, so it is better to play with the owner for a while, or suddenly find that the owner does not care about him for a long time, and take the initiative to play with the owner or to know the situation card to see what the owner is doing.So if you’re at work or playing a game and your cat comes up and wants to jump on the table with you, don’t get too excited.Maybe they’re just curious to see what you’re doing and then run away hahaha as many of you have asked, what does it mean for a cat to have its belly in front of you?Some people say, “It shows your cat trusts you, trusts you,” but a lot of people say, “It wants you to touch its belly.” A cat lying down or sleeping does show it’s comfortable and at ease with its surroundings, but it’s definitely not for you to touch.If you have a good temper, you can touch it, if you have a bad temper, you may have just put your hand through it.Cat on a set of 18, Foshan no shadow legs.So why are young cats more clingy than adults?The reason: They are still very young, and many survival skills are unmastered or unskilled, so they need more care and help from their owners than big cats do.Especially cat mothers, who don’t have kittens, are very insecure and need their owners to accompany and take care of them. Some cats even treat their owners like cat mothers. If a cat owner wants to keep their cat close to him, you just need to let him know how important you are.For example, you know their personality, temper, states and needs better than anyone else. Your cat meows. You know whether to get food or pick up poop.Over time, your cat will become more trusting, dependent on you and willing to spend more time with you.But not all cats are clingy.Just like us humans, the way they express themselves is related to their personality and habits.Just because a cat doesn’t approach you doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you or approve of you.That’s the way it is.

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