“Heart” Geyue marriage defense alternative victory, Feng Qianxi left, Gu Xin in prison, sad

In the final episode of the TV drama “Home in the Heart”, several families are happy and several families are sad.Gu Xin’s imprisonment.Feng ran away.Ultimately bear all the bitter fruit of the people is nothing more than kind-hearted Ge Yue.Looks like Ge Yue marriage defense battle final victory.But Ge Yue’s experience is so sad.Although in the end Gu Xin looked at geYue with two children when visitation pain runny nose.But will the kids really keep them together?Geyue this was brought up under the care of parents simple girl, because of the family conditions, when married with Gu Xin, Gu Xin parents were Geyue mother disliked.It also foreshadowed problems in their marriage.In the eyes of gu Xin’s great aunt, her son had made great achievements with his own efforts.A mother’s child is always her own.Ge Yue this plain, light due to the family background daughter-in-law naturally inevitable cynicism, happy mouth to find some comfort to the heart.After marriage Geyue did not imagine happiness, tit for tat between the two parents.Plus the mother of Gu Xin’s swagger reminded the long time.Let Gu Xin be repressed all the time.From beginning to end Geyue mother is very dissatisfied with the son-in-law.Do well, she feels should, oneself such family background, plus pay to daughter, Gu Xin’s performance is still a lot worse.Bad behavior, immediately face off and scold.In addition to the Geyue father looks like severe beating.Gu xin had been very depressed.And GeYue did not notice the damage to Gu Xin Geyue father was investigated, let her this from small to large without worry princess had to return to her mother-in-law’s life.At the same time because of his father’s matter, he also had to listen to her mother-in-law as Gu Xin had at the beginning.At this time she really realized the difficulty of Gu Xin at that time.In his anger back to her mother’s home, under the correct guidance of his father, let Geyue and her mother-in-law’s relationship more and more harmonious.With the birth of the child Geyue really let their life back to dull.Ge Yue growth did not cure Gu Xin hurt.The fall on the job, plus the Gu Xin that pester body of domestic trivia, to sensible clever Feng Qianqian moved heart.Feng Qianqian wants to take root in Shanghai to do business to draw gu Xin’s contacts around.Without Gu’s help, It would have been difficult for Feng to get a full-time job.But this scheming little girl was warned by Gu Qingyu.Gu Xin enjoys Feng’s admiration for her very much.This in Geyue where he never got, GeYue parents to his not sure is also caused his derailment in the future fuse.Ge Yue found Gu Xin unusual, help Feng Xiaoqin, her heart is helpless, then her trust in Feng Xiaoqin is much higher than gu family.When she found feng Qianqian, she also deepened the misunderstanding of Feng Xiaoqin, she may suspect that two sisters together together “heart” end Geyue’s experience, is undoubtedly the most sympathetic.The departure of a third party.He began the second Feng Xiaoqin family daughter-in-law to take care of Gu Xin parents children.In the end whether two people divorce is not important, important is gu Xin heart of her guilt, and Geyue metamorphosis.At this time geyue experienced betrayal after becoming mature and independent.It is better to be strong than to be humble in marriage.Ge Yue looks like an alternative victory.At the same time also let her grow in sadness.

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