How to play a good tennis return?Prepare ahead of time and move decisively to intercept

Backhand Stroke Many amateurs have a non-threatening backhand and are often targeted by the server.In fact, the power of the backhand is not small, as long as the use of good rotation can hit a powerful return.Backhand hitting action is relatively large, in order to shorten the preparation time, the turn and the lead should be in one go, the end of the turn, the lead should be completed.In the course of hitting to belt hand, with the help of the power of the waist, action in place, hitting quality is guaranteed.In general, the best position to receive the service is between the sideline and the center point of singles. If you are good at the forehand side, you should stay close to the backhand side. If you like the backhand side, you should stay close to the forehand side.Also watch your opponent when choosing your position. If you meet a left-handed player, go to the backhand line, because your opponent will have a strong topspin on the left.The position should not be too far forward or too far back. The best place is about half a meter away from the end line.Drop point selection in singles is more passive, no matter which side of the return to the opponent has enough time to deal with, the most secure ball is deep in the middle line.If the situation is passive, use the diagonal ball, which has a longer flight and buys more preparation time for the next beat.If the opponent’s serve is not threatening, take the opportunity to attack with a wide Angle from the baseline to further increase the advantage.A lot of times when the ball is not because of the action is not standard, but the timing is not reasonable.If you hit the ball too late, the racquet face will open up too much, leading to an out.If you hit the ball too early, the racquet face will be closed and easy to net.Normally, most players can time their shots as long as they have enough time to prepare.In order to get more time to hit the ball should be prepared early, fast step turn, leisurely swing.Dealing with power Serves Amateur court serves are generally not very powerful, and some serves are difficult to handle mainly because they are too fast to be handled in conventional ways.The ball is handled without active force and can be returned by the force of the rebound.The key to catch the ball is to control the racket face. As long as you can block the racket at a reasonable Angle in time on the line to the ball, the quality of the shot is guaranteed.Attention should be paid to the fixation of the wrist, and there should be no obvious shaking when touching the ball.In order to ensure the stability of the opponent will usually sacrifice the quality of the serve, therefore, to seize the opportunity to play the attack.Can not deal with the ordinary serve as the ball to come over and then do the action, pay close attention to the opponent’s action, anticipate the ball, in the first time to start.The more timely the start, the less reaction time the other side, the less likely to be hit through the opponent.If you are not in good form, don’t try without confidence in the attack.

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