Keep’s home fitness ecosystem has been successfully established

At present, the fitness industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, and more and more people begin to play “cloud fitness” at home.Users are choosing to switch from offline fitness to online fitness, which solves many pain points in the previous offline fitness:First, the time wasted on transportation, even if it is only one hour to go back and forth between the residence and the fitness place, has greatly squeezed the few private time of modern people in the fast-paced life. The fun and health of fitness have not been achieved, but increased more fatigue.Secondly, gym courses are expensive. Faced with complex and diverse fitness equipment, it is expensive to hire personal trainers for users who want to keep fit scientifically for a long time. Private trainers are often affordable only for users with a good economic foundation.Third, compared with the constant content system of offline gyms, online fitness has more personalized and creative content and more new consumption experiences to choose from.As the leading brand of online fitness in China, Keep continues to export a variety of professional PGC official self-research courses, while vigorously building up the UGC community on its platform, introducing the dynamic of fitness experts, encouraging users to communicate with each other and express themselves, and creating a warm and caring community atmosphere.Through the triple connection between APP, smart watch and smart device, users can visually record the data of fitness exercise and the change of their own exercise state in real time while following the training course, bringing better fitness experience and fitness results to users.During the epidemic, Keep kept pace with the development of the new mode of live streaming and launched a new online live streaming and training course to help users to exercise at home and live alone during the epidemic.Compared with offline gyms, online fitness is an emerging industry that is more in line with social reality and the trend of the industry, and has become the choice of more people. These new choices have also spawned the development of many online fitness derivatives.For office workers, spinning is more flexible than outdoor exercise, and it’s also a great fat burner.Keep recently launched the MINI home exercise intelligent spinning bike, which adopts intelligent resistance control technology to automatically detect the course content to adjust cycling resistance during training courses and intelligently simulate a variety of outdoor cycling environments, creating a more vivid and real exercise experience for users.In addition, Keep has also made intelligent integration of traditional small fitness equipment. Intelligent counting skipping rope can also enhance users’ sense of immersion and concentration in fitness, and feel the happiness of fitness in high efficiency.On the premise that the equipment itself is smart enough, Keep also connects it with the online fitness App, so that users can interact with the App in real time and learn about their own exercise status from the feedback exercise data, so as to provide a more scientific and efficient fitness environment.Keep launches new products with disruptive technological innovations every year, bringing users fresh experience.In the past two years, Keep has also made efforts to improve its healthy diet. For example, in the past two years, Keep has launched “Dark Chocolate”, “protein Bars of the Day” and “whole wheat/oatmeal Euro bags”, aiming to create more delicious, healthier and lighter sports foods for users.So far, these healthy snacks launched by Keep have basically covered the needs of consumers in various dietary scenarios in life. Keep says that it will continue to focus on healthy diet and weight management of consumers with different exercise needs, and provide users with better healthy diet guidance and make corresponding dietary plans.Previously, China issued a national Fitness Plan (2021-2025).The plan proposes that by 2025, China’s national fitness public service system will be improved, and the sports industry will be vigorously developed to make it more convenient for people to exercise and further improve the enthusiasm for national fitness.In this context, online fitness brands led by Keep have really ushered in the spring.

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