List of Out-patient doctors of Dezhou Second People’s Hospital (Feb.7-13)

The following schedule, if there is any temporary adjustment, according to the visit information, please understand.In order to make it easier for you to visit our hospital, our hospital has fully promoted appointment diagnosis and treatment.Step 1: Scan the following TWO-DIMENSIONAL code or search “Dezhou Second People’s Hospital” to enter the home page of the mini-program, and click “Make an appointment”. Step 2:Choose appointment registration → select departments → see a doctor time and experts → select time period → confirm registration → select confirm registration → make an appointment to complete two: telephone appointment patients who are not familiar with the operation of mobile phones can call 0534-2488088 for appointment (8:00-17:00).Without a medical card, you only need to provide your name, ID number, mobile phone number and other information to make an appointment. With a medical card, you only need to provide your medical card number to make an appointment.Method 3: Clinic Appointment For patients returning to our hospital, “clinic appointment”.That is, outpatient doctors provide appointment services for patients who need further treatment, and patients can directly make an appointment for the next time in the consulting room.Source: Dezhou Second People’s Hospital

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