The stubborn paternal love of the old days

Wet wind through the window, far headlights running and jumping hidden into the night, I do not know where to stop and I do not know where to go, like the memory of the bottom of my heart, always inadvertently turned by life, but was diluted by life.Listening to grandma telling me, my father when I was a child is very naughty is also very stubborn, it is said that in order not to go to school at the time, early in the morning to run to his home near the maize fields a stay stay one morning, when the school running back, it was not until the teacher comes grandma know father already for half month didn’t go to school, under the grandma well-meaning persuasion,My father refused to go to school because the teacher was always beating his hand, and my grandmother was unable to persuade my father.To this day, I sometimes joke about this embarrassing incident with my father, who always scratches his head and answers with a mild “I was too young to understand at that time”.The memory of his father’s back is a steady harbor, stubborn and silent guard themselves.At that time accidentally fell a leg, the village doctor said to have a good rest for a period of time, I thought I could be lazy at home leisurely leisurely for a few days.My father called me to get up early that day and asked me to go to school. Sleepy, I grumbled discontentedly: “The doctor told me to stay at home for a few days. Dad, what’s your hurry?I thought my father would be as silent as usual, but for the first time I answered: “Dad carry you, you won’t be late.”Seeing lazy not, he had bitterly nodded.Fog like white canvas, occasional hill or mountain or concealed or now scattered like ink, occasionally from a distance from one or two bird crow, weeds on both sides of the buried a narrow mountain road, wet with dew father’s legs in the morning, father is afraid of my leg has been hung, has been with the hand to carry, on father back already slept deeply again.When I arrived at school, my father shrugged his shoulders. When I woke up, I found a large piece of sweat on his back and hot air on his head. Small drops of sweat fell to the ground and made ripples.”Nothing don’t run around, take care of your legs, listen to the class, I will pick you up after school,” he looked at his father, casually shook his arm, and then disappeared in the field of vision like nothing happened.Less work, father’s words, as always, at ordinary times what want told me or ask me, always quietly enticed to mother asked me, and himself by eavesdropping on, when the father is more like a child, like when I was young listen in on the conversations of him and his mother, occasionally looked at his father, his father always pretended to be doing other things.What my father didn’t know was that I felt guilty when he sat beside me because he couldn’t get in touch with my mother’s conversation. I also felt that I had neglected my father’s stubborn and silent love.I don’t know since when, my father is no longer invincible superman, the subconscious rely on themselves, will ask his opinion and respect their ideas, as a kid, I would like to ask my father many very simple questions to ask myself, occasionally forget some things but only remember their own everything, will be trying to keep up with his steps and asked about your life or work,Sometimes I will subconsciously say things like “it’s useless to talk to you”, “I’ve said it so many times”, “This operation is very easy to learn” and so on.Father’s love is always stubborn silence, always absent and silent, in this, the son solemnly said: father, you accompany me to grow up, I accompany you to grow old.

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