What should we pay attention to when the car stops for a long time

Will there be a problem if the vehicle is idle for a long time?What should we pay attention to when parked for a long time?Today, xiaobian to talk to you, vehicles for a long time do not open should pay attention to what problems?1, ahead of time to clean the vehicle whether the car is not used for a long time or normal use, to ensure the cleanliness of the car.If you do not use the vehicle for a long time, you should clean up the garbage and food inside the vehicle in advance, and do not leave behind items that are easy to deteriorate, so as not to produce bad smell or breed bacteria.In addition to taking away food and garbage, it is best to clean the floor mat, seat mat and other items in the car and interior, in addition, it is also necessary to confirm that there is no storage of lighters, matches and other flammable and explosive items in the car.In daily use of vehicles, it is inevitable that there will be dust and dirt accumulation outside.Before parking for a long time, you can wash the car once to avoid long-term stain damage to the car paint.2, choose the right parking place the parking place of the vehicle is very important, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, it is recommended to park the car in a safer indoor parking lot.Indoor parking can not only protect vehicles from the wind and sun, but also avoid falling leaves, branches and other foreign body damage to the car paint.Before parking, check the distribution of cameras in the parking lot to make sure you can report any problems.If indoor parking is not available, try to find a cool, dry, well-ventilated and safe place to park. Be careful not to park under trees and downstairs directly opposite to avoid falling objects hitting vehicles.Long-term parking is also recommended not to park in areas that affect road traffic or on the side of the road, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.3. Light the car at regular intervals to charge it even if it is not running, the battery will consume power.When parked, the vehicle’s anti-theft system continues to use the battery’s charge, and the charge in the battery itself slowly declines over time.Generally speaking, parking a day to consume more than one percent of the electricity, parking for a long time, the battery will also appear a loss of electricity can not start the situation.To avoid battery failure, you can start your car every one to two weeks, idle in place for 10 to 20 minutes or take it out for a walk.When sliding, we should pay attention to the water temperature and oil temperature to reach the normal driving state, and the length and distance of sliding should reach at least 40 km/h speed of driving for 10 minutes.4, properly improve tire tire pressure long-term parking will also affect the tire.The car stops motionless for a long time, and the part of the tire in contact with the ground is prone to cracking and deformation due to long-term stress.By increasing the tire pressure, the original shape of the tire can be maintained as much as possible and the contact area can be reduced.5, virus activity is frequent, pay attention to disinfection protection while driving cold weather, virus activity is frequent.After the vehicle has been parked for a long time, it is best to carry out ventilation and disinfection before using the car, and pay attention to cleaning the door handle, window, windshield, steering wheel and other places.The prevention and control of the epidemic is still at a critical stage, so people should gather less, avoid long-distance trips without special circumstances, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and ventilate frequently.

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